[Lancaster Bombers] [ENG] [Draenor] [9/9 HC Recruiting DPS]

Join Our Guild’s Core Mythic Team – Your Adventure Begins Here!

Dear Adventurers,

Our guild is on an exciting journey to achieve greatness, and we believe that your skills and passion could play a pivotal role in our success. We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our ranks and are currently recruiting for our core Mythic team. Whether you’re a veteran looking for a competitive edge or a newcomer eager to dive into the action, we have a spot just for you.

We Are Recruiting:

  • 8 DPS Slots Available: All DPS classes are encouraged to apply. Your prowess on the battlefield is what we seek to fortify our ranks.

  • Socials and Mythic+ Enthusiasts: Beyond the core team, we welcome players of all interests. Whether you’re here for the camaraderie or the thrill of Mythic+ dungeons, there’s a place for you among us.

Why Join Us?

Our guild is more than just a group of players; we’re a community that values each member’s contribution and strives for excellence in every endeavor. By joining us, you’re not just signing up for raids and runs; you’re becoming part of a supportive and ambitious family. Here’s why your participation matters:

  • Community and Support:
    We believe in the power of community and the unique perspectives each member brings. Your voice will be heard, and your ideas valued.

  • Growth and Opportunities:
    As part of our team, you’ll have numerous opportunities to showcase your skills, improve, and take on challenges that will forge you into a seasoned player.

  • Fun and Camaraderie:
    Above all, we’re here to enjoy the game. We balance competitiveness with fun, ensuring that every raid, dungeon, and guild event is a memorable experience.

Your Voice, Our Future:

We encourage all applicants to share their visions for what makes a guild great. Your aspirations and feedback are the blueprints for our collective success. Together, we will set new standards and achieve our goals as a united force.

How to Apply:

Ready to embark on this adventure with us? We’re eager to hear from you! To apply, please join discord and talk to one of the officers https://discord.gg/g5wfcy7HBz .

Let’s build a legacy together in the world of Azeroth. Your journey with us promises to be filled with epic battles, valuable friendships, and unforgettable adventures. Join us, and let’s make our guild a beacon of excellence, camaraderie, and fun in the gaming world.

Warm regards,

Have fun! - Garhn, Tanned, Sakura & Jules

Lancaster bombers

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We need more people for season 4 for the mythic team!