Laptop for 400euro and under for wow gaming and art

Yeah we are many wow players and wowfans out there who also like to call themselves artists, or at least like to make some fanart etc :))

I have a stationary pc that runs well to do gaming and art, but with a little one in the house and the world’s best couch a Laptop would be nice! But i’m cheap and accept that I can’t get whatever I want in this world, so iIwould like to find a laptop with a price range of 400 euro or under. That being said, if there are some older laptop version still going strong today that has fallen to this price range, could you use some of your precious time to answer this post and share your knowlegde? :smiley:

I don’t care of it’s low batery life or if it doesn’t have touchscreen, but I would love for it to atleast be able to play wow with a few mods on and not too far off on colors (at least not scream WHITE in my eyes when its clearly black lol). Am I way too cheap on wanting it to be able to use ClipStudio and light work in photoshop as well?

Thank you all for taking your time reading and answering my post <3

400 EUR is pretty much only used and only some models. You are looking for Ryzen 7 4800U/5700U/5800U/5825U or Intel Tiger Lake 11th gen G7 chips. Just note it won’t be gaming on high settings:

You will need 16GB RAM and a decent SSD.

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