Laptop for WoW in 2023

Hey everyone,
I’m about to come back to WoW after a short break and not having PC and as I am currently deciding which laptop to get, I am wondering if laptop with 3070 (140W) and 12th Gen i7 would be enough to comfortably run WoW for the years to come? I rarely spend for tech stuff so I would really like to last it and be able to play Wow for at least 5 years. The exact laptop is Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, currently on discount in a store in my city.
What is your opinion?

Speccs sound similar to the speccs of my laptop, and my laptop runs WoW pretty easily. So id say yeah that should be absolutely fine

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From a quick search, the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro is actually a range of laptops that come with different levels of components

Lenovo GB says this is no longer available in EU.

So I look at

You need to be very specific about

GPU (Graphics card)
SSD (RAM Disk)
(Other/Total) Disk Capacity

I know it’s difficult when you don’t speak latest specs.

Guessing at the information given, it sounds like it will run current WoW ok, but it’s not clear how much headroom it has for 5 years down the line.

Here are Blizzard’s specs:

The “Recommended” specs for today will likely suffice for two more expansions, though with the way they keep consuming more and more resources, there are no guarantees.

Another consideration is whether you will be using it for other things, especially while playing. I always have the web open in a browser when playing, and having 16GB of RAM definitely helpw with that; WoW alone will probably run in 8GB, but that won’t leave much room to look up Wowhead or YouTube.

Another consideration is Disk, abart from the 128GB SSD you will need to run WoW. If you are loading other applications or games onto the disk, you will need at least 512GB of total disk, and depending how much else you are loading, you might be well advised to get lots more, or at least an external disk.

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Thanks for this!
The exact specs are
12th Gen i7-12700H
RTX 3070 8gb VRAM
1Tb Nvme ssd
16gb DDR5 RAM 4800Mhz

I don’t plan to play anything else but casual WoW, 2-3hrs a day, that’s it. So I am hoping it can hold out for years…

Ok, that all looks very good!

If I were buying a laptop for WoW today, and figured I was getting a good deal, that’s a spec I would be happy to get.

1TB SSD will surely be fine for 4 years, and 16GB RAM as well unless they totally crazy with graphics.

The i7-12700H is a top-performing laptop chip today, and should be safe for four years, and the RTX 3070 8GB is as good as you will reasonably get now, and you can always turn down your graphics in coming years if necessary.

Currently playing with a laptop that is way weaker than this and able to push the game at close to max graphics with nonexistent fps drops or issues. You’ll absolutely be fine with these specs for quite a few years I believe! ^^

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