Large faction imbalance

I was expecting there to be slightly more more horde than alliance however the server is experiencing a large faction imbalance with contested areas being heavily overpopulated by the horde faction. Levelling through STV,Hillsbrad, arathi and the salt flats i experienced a high horde population where there would commonly be 5 horde players per 1 alliance. Initially i thought this would be due to layering as on retail you are rarely put into a balanced shard if ever, however with the recent news that they have reduced layering it does not seem to be the cause. Is anyone else on Alliance experiencing a similar thing?

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Right now Im considering free migration, horde numbers are a thing to keep in mind for sure but the biggest problem is the swede speaking plague on the chat


While i haven’t personally experienced that my self i do believe a part of the Swedish community from Gehennas are migrating too.

Alliance player here, I’ve noticed the very same thing.
It’s hard to tell right now if the faction imbalance is really that large because of the layering.

Imo if they open free migration it should only be on the faction that has higher population… in case the imbalance is greater than 60/40 or something.


Playing Alliance on Gehennas as well, and I have noticed this too. Not much to do as an ally player. If you’re on the horde side and are worried about the faction balance getting out of hand, encourage your fellow players to stop griefing low lvl players. Yes, I know it’s a pvp server and we’ve all picked it because we like the spice that world pvp brings to the game. That being said, repeatedly being greifed by high lvl “???” players while questing (especially repeatedly by the same player) isn’t really going to encourage alliance players into finish leveling their characters to lvl 60, but could rather lead to more alliance players dropping classic which would worsen the situation. If you want to have a nice classic experience with fair class balance, maybe it would be worth considering?

-“Sir, we are surrounded”

-“Excellent! We can attack in any direction”


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