Last boss uldaman

look i sure post this been made before even pop def health pop everting i heve dot tick for truck healer cant keep up dot just too much dont heve priest party cen dispell it blizz really need look at it nerf buff littel bit so healer less stress

I think many dont realise they can remove that debuff themselves with things like hunters disengage (i dont know exactly who can remove it themselves and not, but probably several classes can remove it instead of waiting for it to be dispelled or dropped off).

If you can remove slows you can remove the dot. Disengage, vengeful retreat, freedom, tiger’s lust, shapeshift, fade (with phantasm), ghost wolf(?), imp dispel (So not demo).

Im not sure if i have tested the ghost wolf talent for that. My issue with that one is that i use ghost wolf so often that the remove snare effect is on cd when i actually need it :sweat_smile:

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All locs can with Demonic circle

Oh I forget that breaks roots / slows, thanks!

We can imp dispel too.

Just press disengage on hunter. It’s a meme boss.

Blessing of freedom + dispel. 2 debuffs gone quickly. Druid healer can prob shapeshift it off too.