Last wish - Nightborne customization

Upright undead option in those plans?

I like how all the flies came around asking for stuff when they gave NB some love. :smiley:

(There is High Elves @Horde guys, hop over, let void elves be hm vooooooid elves.)


But will nightborne get squinty eyes? Literally nothing else matters.


Hyped so much about all these news and we might organize celebration in suramar soon
side note, mained this warrior for a year then started to main tauren shaman and out of curiosity i wanted to check how Nightborne would look like if they were shamans and the results are amazing

imgur .com/a/L4wsBX5

Weirdly enough the helmet slightly fix the wide eye problem, really really makes me wish nightborne would be shamans xD but i can only dream, atm its much more realistic to give nightborne be druids (there are few druid/botanists like nb npcs) and i wonder if its something that will be added in the future


We’re happy to see how excited you all are regarding the new customization options and cosmetics! While reading your replies, we noticed how many of you were requesting more natural hair colors for Void Elves. We relayed this feedback to the team and they were able to add 5 natural hair color options for Void Elves to the 9.1.5 update. :blush:


i swear it feels like christmas morning :rofl:
but the more options for more people the better, im so glad and happy to see you listening to feedback and communicate with us, much appreciated :heart:


This is so wonderful to read. :smiley: I think everyone is grateful for every opportunity to customise there character. I really hope that the whole thing will not be shut down again after this project for the patch, but that it will remain up to date all the time. When it comes to a topic like character creation, there can never be enough. Please…please…please…UNCONDITIONALLY make a note!


Spoken like a true faction pacifist chad.


Thanks for the Allied Race updates!

It’s comforting to see that customization feedback is not falling on deaf ears.

Keep it up! All Allied Races deserve some love.


Boring ASF. Proves that they had a rushed meeting about what they could do for 9.1.5. And since all good devs quit only thing comes to mind was colored hair. Where designers had to put 1 hour of effort into.


What about boost offers? Bots in both game versions? What about lack of communication? What about release date of P2/S2 in Tbcc? Im happy that many ppl will be able to customize their characters but what about real problems?


Thank you so much!!!

Awesome blizzard!!! <3


That’s brilliant!
Please look at this sort of excitement in comparison to when Blizzard tries to go “big” like with the Shadowlands.

You don’t have to go to insane levels of “big” to generate excitement.

The smaller Azerothian things can easily do that. Nevermind Sylvanas, Tyrande, Anduin, Jaina, Baine…I’m telling you, your smaller characters like Umbric, Valtrois, Rommath, Mordent Evenshade, Gryan Stoutmantle, Belysra Starbreeze - these characters could command an expansion and compliment the big characters such as the above.


When are DID going to see their beards and mustaches split, and have more styles with a full head of hair?

Possibly either with the Highmountain update or Blizzard will look at the Legion allied races for 9.1.5 (Lightforged and Nightborne) and 9.2/9.2.5 (Highmountain and Void Elves) and then the BFA ones will come in the last patch for SL or in the prepatch for the next expansion.

The Legion ones must come first though.

I think it more likely (or hoping) with the HMT. Since velves have been touched on twice now.

But many void elf fans will argue and say they’ve only got shared Blood Elf/Human new features. I reckon void elf fans like Coldshade wants new void features…not more shared features from blood elves and humans.

Their are no additional Void based features like additional eyes or void spikes on heads or anything like that. I reckon those updates will come alongside the Highmountain and DID and Maghar Orcs will get their new features.

Maghar would also have been touched twice as well,but like the Void Elves, they were only given a few “regular Orc” features.


They still have more customisation though. And I wasn’t saying void elves should get nothing else, it’s more they’ll need less work as a result.
I’m hoping for more void eyes, darker/larger tentacles or the ability to turn them into braids.

Maybe, but for now this is about the Nightborne (and Lightforged) and this has been a long fought battle to get new Shal’dorei features.