Last wish - Nightborne customization

Nightborne are in dire need of a rework.

I mean, I know Alliance and Horde each got additonal features for 1 of their allied races (Alliance with Void Elves, Horde with Mag’har Orcs), but still - Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei should be the next two to get additional features.


:100: as a follower of Azshara and a betrayer of Tyrande, i agree with this 100 percent

For the Nightborne! For our Highborne sisters and brothers!


The point that’s being made here is to have nb elves look more like nb elves not nb elves that look like they are half way into their transformation into those creepy, skinny things (forgot what they were called) which they look like right now.

Also we could do with a few more demon hunter races, but druids are a bit too much.

again, i dont mind sharing. Nightborne can have anything they desire. Void elves kinda got that treatment so i dont mind it for the Nightborne.

I’d rather the Demon Hunter class just remained for Night Elves and Blood Elves.

I’m not in favor of adding more “fel” based classes to the other elves, especially the Nightborne - hell, Warlocks hardly make sense for the Nightborne, but there you go…

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Shamans and druids already exist in the lore and in the game, unless the Nightelves who get their powers from the nature, Nightborne druids mix it with the arcane magic.

If you will go nighthold location on the east of that zone you may see the Shal’dorei Naturalist, which are druids, and the shamans are the Shal’dorei sage, they are watering the garden with water elementals.


In order to become a Druid you need actual pure nature magic. Not mix it with Arcane. Otherwise we would have Blood elf and Nightborne Druids. You also need animals forms. Which is probably why Blizzard never added Druid to Nightborne.

I also remember a few days ago when i did the Nighthold for transmog run, i remember there was one nature boss who said something like “I alone master the nature, Suramar owes its beauty to me!”

Khadgar: he turned into a plant?

Thalassra: makes a joke, “he took his job seriosly.”

but i mean… we have Lightforged Deathknights so whatever. Become whatever you like.


Nightborne need some love! please update their model to match the NPC’s graphic wise, also more customizations


I know the it might not be the best moment to share this, but would like you to have a moment and check this out.

Done by one man, yet you are finding excuse of not enough time.

I’m crying watching this, because it is something that maybe never will be a reality.


This is amazing!

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just make them look like dark elves or drows then i will main one


Generally the initial allied races so Velf/NB/Lightforged, and I forget who else, Highmountain right? Could certainly use a touch up.
Generally all the allied races pale in comparison to the core race upgrades, but the initial ones are a joke.

The problem of the Nightborne is the fact that it does not look like its NPC counterpart.

insert gif: Sadie pepe playing guitar



Only 172k Lightforged Female players? I feel like a minority now.

table shows total possible customisation combinations not population :slight_smile:

Wait, so you tell me there are 172k possible combinations?

hmm… dont be confused by big number mate,
i would advice you to read the description to understand how the numbers are calculated in that table. its a good practice to learn in general to understand that kind of data. :slight_smile:

I could… I could. Or I just keep playing WoW and don’t bother with it :wink:

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not gonna blame you, math is math afterall
it takes a really good teacher to explain how the magic works in simple terms
which obviously i am not :frowning:

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