Last wish - Nightborne customization

These are so great! Would be perfect if they add them to all races

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Yes this would be amaaaziiing!!! :sob: Honestly if they would just add a chest piece option that’s not a dress 🥲

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This is so so important!
For Nightborne tattoos:

  • Options for brighter tattoos
  • Tattoo Color options: blue colors, purple dark purple, black, white, silver, green
  • Magical effects on the hair! (Purple, blue, green, white, etc)
  • The magical effects could look like arane energy (glowing leaves/flowers), mana energy, fel energy (green fire), etc.

Would really appreciate these options added to hair and tattoos :frowning:

Along with shared hairstyles and some true blue, and light gray/pink skin tones.

Other races alrdy have so many effects for hair/tattoos and AT LEAST chest piece (non-dress) heritage armor option.

All this among lots of other points posted by other players, makes the Nightborne additions in PTR a little disappointing. I expected so much more key Nightborne options to make them resemble the NPCs and Suramar city that we experienced in Legion.

I hope they listen to us before releasing the patch :pray::pleading_face:


Thank you so much for the Velf, Nightborne, and LFD options.

I am faction changing this Character to a Nightborne once 9.1.5 comes.

i do have a few extra suggestions if you dont mind:

  • Remove the chin from the heritage armor. with chins jewelery being added as customization there is no need to have it anymore. and it looks awful on the females especially. Please do consider removing it from the heritage armor.

  • It would be nice to have glowing hands like the NPC’s. Both Arcane and fel green options would be lovely.

Thank you for your hard work :heart:


yes, all races should get braided hairstyles, NB men got one, that’s cool.:+1:

On the other hand the NB did not receive their “arcanic effect” in the hair and the hands like the NPCs, you should perhaps continue to ask for it.


For the female, not for male though, as for the male a metal chin is authentic Nightborne one, which is not in the customizations.

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I am posting this message on behalf of @ Эрулан (Zerein) upon request.

Thank you, you’ve done a good job with narrowed eyes and jewelry, and I really appreciate a chance to play as a drow <3 But we’re still not… arcane enough, still don’t have everything we were asking for (in short: we want to look exactly like legion nightborne NPCs) In details, we need:

EYE COLORS including nightfallen purple, felborne green,
maybe nightwell dark blue, dusk lily pink… The more, the better.

NIGHTFALLEN/FELBORNE skins and other OPTIONS . Felborne could be perfect NB-warlock restricted customization, sadly only DKs/DHs have one.

GLOWING HANDS . Glow color can be arcane white, fel green, maybe even shadowy, icy, fire, associated with specific school of magic (but only if it makes sense lorewise).

• Nightfallen hand runes just like NPCs have.


• Option for NOTICEABLE LEYLINES (with possibility to switch between them and current).

• Various LEYLINE COLORS including nightfallen dark “scars” option and bright purple like this one:

• A bit more slanted eyes as a 3rd option.

• Already existing Suramar NPC’s and fal’dorei HAIRSTYLES for a player model.

• Fix Highborn hairstyle to look like NPC’s one:

• Add more physics for a hair. Some hairstyles look like plastic and never move, and it’s 2021.

• Pigtails hairstyle looks unfinished, tho can be cute with some bangs.

• More hair ornaments - Arcan’dor vines for a hair, dusk lily flower (inspired by amazing Faebelina’s artworks), fal’dorei arcane web, silver chains and gems.

• Fix male lips please. Also their mustache looks like inverted eyebrows -_-

Green hair, nelf and belf hairstyles and even new blue/purple hair is a too much, imo. Doesn’t bring us closer to the original nightborne. Either share hairstyles with all the elf races, or with no one. I’d prefer to keep each race as unique as possible.

The job is done when people will start to confuse playable nightborne with her (yes, we need this hair and skin tone).

Not even mentioned nightborne players are still don’t have their own dance, and other allied races aswell.
Not mentioned NB players still have to wear the mask in Suramar to disguise NPCs with… nightborne illusion. … when they are actually nightborne…
And even nightborne manasabers have proper leyline color and glowing tail, while nightborne players… well


Its a mystery why the female Nightborne have the fake beard/chin armour
For males its fine, even the first concept art shows that pharaonic golden fake beard/chin plate
No NP, no statue, none…


Thank you for all the efforts the team puts into customization. A bit of feedback regarding the Void elf tentacle toggle. There’s a gap between the hair in the ponytail, and on females hairstyle 7 the hair is different length in the front and different in the back, could you make it look like this Can we also get braids on hairstyle 2 like those Simaia made That’s all my feedback the rest is perfect and hope you will continue your efforts for all of us by the time 9.1.5 hits.

Do you mind if I quote/link this post in my ongoing Pandaren Customisation/Update thread? It echoes my expressed sentiments and it would be good to show more examples of recommendations and concerns from players.

Of course not. Go ahead.

It’s simply jewelry in their culture

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Another cow here that approves the new customizations!

so i have logged into PTR few days ago and played abit with the new customizations and omg they are amazing! Linxy and everyone that worked on that, big thank you!!

imgur .com/a/m28uwA9

i’m really in love with those eyes shape and the darker skin ton on my warrior, now i need find a better mog to match it even better :heart_eyes:
never saw so many nightborne players in orgrimmar, when i played ptr it was basically suramar city 2.0 xD
can’t wait till release on retail!


Dark elf :black_heart:


This is the kind of Blizzard response customers like to see, I hope it continues in the future. :heart_eyes: I.E. that is feedback being listened to and acted upon in a way Blizzard sees fit, but also in a timely manner. It’s so common for feedback to be ignored for over a year.


Yay! DnD dark elves. Here we go! :spider: :spider_web:


I’m so excited to Roleplay a Nightborne. AD will be full of them in 9.1.5 :heart:


9.1.5 will undoubtedly revitalize the Shal’dorei RP community!
The last thing I want for the Nightborne (aside the arcane customization and heritage weapons) is the Nightborne palanquin
I would be nice to have such a mount or even a toy
Travelling nobles, observing battles or conflicts , making bets, sipping Arcwine and munching taste snacks… the entourage is mandatory of course, body guards, sycophant, servants, slaves
:face_with_monocle: :wine_glass:


I was late to the party a bit, to check everything in PTR.

However, I have had a chance to get into PTR yesterday and check everything on my own.

First of all, again, thank you very much for the love you have given to the race that I feel so connected with, both in the real life, and in the game.

Playing along with the customizations, I did not expect the Shal’dorei to be this much different, (yes I mean it) I was amazed, and the tears of joy were dropping, was hard to explain to my partner what was going on.

The golden jewelry, the head pose, even the hairstyles that were not pleasing me before, looked way better with new features of hair accessories.

The eyes, hats off devs, I honestly did not expect this, I was scared it might end up like human eyes, so happy it turned out to be the way I always dreamt of.

As a person who has slanted eyes in real life, I am so glad it is implemented.

Overall, I might be the happiest person in the world now, it is strange how in-game things, can make these things to the people.

Perhaps we play the games to escape reality, and things we want in our fantasy world being implemented affect that way.

The males, honestly, never expected that eyes and face jewelry would change them like that.

Sadly a couple of faces are bugged, with their eyebrows getting down in the middle and lips getting “M” shape. Hope it will be fixed soon enough.

In conclusion, I cannot stop thanking you all for everything you have done, both developers as well as the community for supporting the thread.

Thank you very much.


Please add a teal-white skin color! The gray one does not fit that well with most of the new hair colors. PLEASE! Also, there are 13 skin colors for Night Elves. Please add an equal amount for Nightbornes or at least a broader spectrum of tints. :slight_smile: