Latency in Epic Battlegrounds


TLDR: When playing epic battlegrounds, and all players are fighting at once, do you experience latency?

Throughout the majority of this expansion my friends and I have had issues with performance during the mass brawls in epic battlegrounds, specifically where 70-80 players are all fighting simultaneously. Up until this week, we had accepted it was going to be part of having a huge number of players battling at once, however we’re now finding one faction has been using the server performance in one specific battleground to their favour, as their base NPCs to demolish players whilst everything lags.

Brief description:

  • Only happens when all players are fighting at once, e.g. Wintergrasp first fight at Sunken Temple, Isle of Conquest first fight at Workshop, Ashran base surge.
  • Pressing abilities and either nothing happening, button icon highlights but spell does not cast, casts go off but the graphics continue for many seconds after the cast finishes
  • Performance issue is reduced by running without any add-ons but it doesn’t completely resolve it.
  • Running graphics at recommended, not using a potato computer
  • If the fight is occurring on the other side of the map, latency is still felt from the graveyard, far, far away.

I know that other players have these issues too as we see the chat flood with complaints on lag, but I just wonder how many others here on the forum have tried reporting this, and if so, what responses did you get?

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FPS drop not latency.

Yeah can agree 100% with the OP.

Like originally said, where going into fights at the start of an Epic BG (Isle of Conquest or Wintergrasp) or in certain cases with Ashran at either the Inferno or in either or factions base depending on what that specific battleground group decides to rush then retreat to.

Running with addons in my case seems to affect FPS more than anything rather than raw battleground/game performance in relation to being able to cast spells or even use abilities. (I run as a mistweaver in epic BG’s so casts are very important to me!)

After running 10-15+ epic BG’s this week with the default blizzard UI, low graphics and 0 addons, I’m still getting server performance issues in the big fights (no major FPS lag and a consistent 25-30ms ping) with VERY delayed cast times as well as friendly/enemy faction players jumping around the screen, everyone begins complaining in chat as soon as it starts.

Player’s casts, such as the essence of the focusing iris are also lasting many more seconds on screen than it is actually meant to in the big fights that occur in the BG’s with the majority of both teams competing in them.

It feels like it’s got progressively worse over the past few patches of the expansion and you regularly see people complaining in instance chat about it as well as even being able to feel the affects of the lag in the BG if there’s a mass brawl going and you’re no where near it.

When it comes to epic BG’s, usually the first fight has a huge impact on the outcome of the BG. It feels like it’s sullied by server/instance performance when your team is dying around you and nothing can be done as no-one can actually do anything while dots and some random abilities are getting through and ticking away.

Just feels like most players are just used to it now as it’s the norm and not many actual report the issue anymore.

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I also question if its an FPS issue if the NPCs are moving around as usual, but the rest of us are struggling to cast.

yeah im suffering this. getting back into pvp for the first time since Cata and for example i cast shadowstep and it doesn’t go off for 3/4 seconds by which time my target has buggered off else where. Im just avoiding epic bgs now just in casei get stuck in Ashran :confused:

I opened a ticket about this and after some significant back and forth it was summarised as such:

No one is reporting the issue therefore support do not believe it’s a significant issue.

  • I believe part of this is that we’ve just lost faith and accepted it’s broken and that it isn’t going to change.
  • The reporting method for this issue requires jumping through a lot of hoops and it took me a while to get to the point where the GM responding to my ticket would see beyond “it’s your UI”.

One of the suggestions I got was to step out of the fight and find alternative tactics. I found this amusing as melee and one of the tactics in a battleground is to fight other players so I’m not sure what they are expecting here!

If you’re having this problem I encourage you to keep reporting it. We’ve proved it’s not just our computers or our connections by running with no UI after following the steps to reset cache / network cache etc.

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Oh rly? " No one is reporting"
So where did this Twitter post come from?

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I reported the same problem twice.

I’ve been playing Ashran a lot recently (farming bones, to do the Fight Kill Salute achiev with some people. And I noticed that the lag in Ashran is making it impossible to play…
you press a button for ability X - button highlights immediately, the ability itself goes off several seconds later.
It has nothing to do with FPs - as I do not have an FPS drop while this is happening - it all feels like a server performance issue.
It is absolutely bad especially when a base push is happening and both factions are fiercely fighting. It happens to all the people in the team, not just me or a few specific people.
I tried running it on my alt (a Holy Paladin) yesterday - it was impossible to heal anyone effectively … Seriously, Blizzard isn’t an Indie studio that could afford to have such issues.

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Yes. And that’s why I avoid them. I thought it was because of my low-end PC and did not think too much of it.
I use the lowest graphic settings for bgs and dungeons and it still happens. Only 3 addons active.

Its not latency fps drop. If you have latency , ur surrounding stuff will happen 30 seconds after from your current time. It will be delayed.

Dont make people confusing

If this was happening dungeons, it’d be fixed by now

Paying for something that you can’t play is terrible, i love epic bg’s but is unplayable.

Getting the same problems as well. FPS is fine, Latency is at 15ms. But when big fights happen its like having packet loss players skip all over and skills delay. Never had these problems in past expansions. Strange.

This feels a lot more like the server is exceeding its allotted update time, likely because the update algorithm isn’t efficient enough to update ~50-80 players that are in close proximity of one another.