Latest Unholy alpha Changes - Initial Feedback and Worries

Some welcome changes in the class DK tree. DA and Lichborne baseline.
However even without testing im realy worried that you guys went overboard with the resource generation nerfs.

  • You remove the access to Horn of Winter for Unholy. This was something we wanted ever since you redesigned Soul Reaper in Shadowlands. We lost our 2 runes on demand that we used to have in BFA. Now they are gone again.
  • You remove the access to Runic Empowerment for Unholy. Yes, this is a big deal because Runic Corruption is way worse than RE. Buff regeneration rate of Runic corruption at least x3 if this stays.
  • Runic Attenuation is nowhere near as effective for Unholy compared to DW frost builds.
  • Both new talents - Insidious Chill and Gloom Ward are very very bad. You removed two highly usefull talents that improved our gameplay, smoothed out our rotation and give us … nothing in return to at least compensate in some other way. If we going to be stuck with downtime again… at least make those talents gives us something extra durring our cooldowns.

The unholy tree
“Unholy has been a class with a higher downtime and while we think some downtime can be okay, it’s important to find a balance between too high and too low.”

No guys, Just no… No downtime is OK!!! Please. You had something good going. And you trying to break it.

  • The nerf to Festering strikes is another major blow to the resource generation. Why remove Scourge Strike. Please reverse this change. Remove the Festering strike chance if you must chose one of those two abilities. But leave Scourge strike with some chance to refund a Rune. Yet another reason for this is - In the last couple of years all unholy players wanted one simple change - Remove the RNG from Festering strike wound generation. Make it so it applies 3 wounds and thats it. You even mentioned earlier this alpha that you are looking to reduce the randomness. Removed the old talent that gave us extra chance to apply extra wounds. Then added this talent. And now … nerfing it so its almost useless. WHY?!
    Festering strike is such a bad ability - Costs too much, doesnt do high enough dmg and has too much RNG. Fix this pls.
  • Replenishing Wound nerf to our Runic power generation also. WHy?! So we get less Runic Corruption procs. More downtime? WHy?

I could understand one of those resource nerfs… But all 3 at once… im worried.

The rest of the nerfs… are fine i guess. It will come down to Number tunning at the end. So im not worried yet.

  • However the change to Plaguebearer is another major blow… We wanted something like this, to spread wounds for easyer target switching/soe setup since… forever. You gave us almost perfect solution to this problem… And now you ruin it again?
    45 seconds was perfect.

  • Ghoulish Frenzy buff is ok - But i dont think it will worth it compared to the other talents on that row. Maybe if you buff it to 10/20% would be better. And make it last as long as DT lasts. Not only 15 secs. So it has some synergy with Eternal Agony.

  • Unholly Assault needs to change back to Unholy Frenzy (from BFA) and removed from GCD. That is what would make this talent selected. Because… Newsflash - ever since you changed it to Unholy assault - NOBODY played it! Dead talent. Dont wait 2 more years to realise that.

  • Speaking of GCD - We still have WAAAAY too long opener with way too many GCD that we press before we actually start playing the game. Still almost nothing has changed to address that. Remove Dark transformation from GCD (and its useless AOe dmg that it does when you press it)


it is so real that it is frightening and very sad.
They planned a strong RNG reduction, but our biggest RNG is Festering Strike and his wounds.
Generating 2 or 3 wounds is so weak and so stupid because it destroys our rotation right from the start and causes downtime.
In addition, Festering Strike does nothing, it deals almost no damage and costs 2 runes (a total of 4 or even 6 with a weak RNG).
boring and frustrating.

the entire community of DK must even demand this change.


English is not my first language, but everytime I hear devs talking about fixing DK’s issues I always see only nerfs.
Maybe I don’t understand english as much as I think.


UH seems super broken in PvP with the current talents , probably going to be changed soon. There are 2 army of the damned talents right now which reduce CD of apo by 45 sec. , one is a regular talent and the other one is pvp talent which leads to no CD on apocalypse at all. You basically press only festering wounds into apo 24/7 and obliterate everything :rofl:

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i saw your war games seems interesting but i wanna hop that in DF 70lvl gear dk will perfom good in pvp

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Shush blizz will take our fun away.

lol thats sounds fun :smiley:

It’s pretty balanced aswell instead of 10 zombies you will have 10 magus ready to go with permanent crypt fever, still more balanced than rogue/mage and ret warrior in sl season 1


That should be the only way to use wounds.
Put up until max then push another button to break them all and then repeat.

There was similar time in Legion with the Castigator talent and legendary effect.

That would bring in counter play and reaction to possible counter play.
Use the time to put up wounds to break more but the wounds might be cleansed and you lose if greedy.

Yea , i understand that. But at the same time it makes all your other abilities pointless to press the way it works right now. I’m almost sure they will remove one of the two talents and this will be most likely the pvp one (or crypt fever from it since it’s broken with 24/7 duration). Why would you ever press scourge strike , outbreak or death coil for example when you can rotate only 2 abilities infinitely ? Apocalypse generates 2 runes making death coil absolutely pointless to use since :
1 - it does much less damage than apo and 2nd - no need to use it for runic corruption procs since u never run out of runes because of the above mentioned reason.

Still more complex rotation than fury and havoc


If there is a concept of more than 100% certainty , I am that about taking it away.
I was just saying that the current wound system is pretty anoying, pressing a lot of buttons for not that much.
Unholy, as Frost, is only scarry during the burst.
If we need to only be scarry during the burst, make the non burst easier to press.


They could change Necromancer’s Bargain to not reduce CD, but instead apply a Crypt Fever for each of the burst wounds.

It can be applied in different debuff instances so there will be 4 more plagues on the target instead of 1 (which would be more burst damage and more for the new talent).

It can also be applied as a stacking debuff (which would mean more sustained damage if the target is healed)

Either way, they won’t do this.

I wish the people that created Torgas DK augments would be alowed to prepare it for Dragonflight.

Hopefully in further expansions.

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I agree with all, but besides that, there are some talents just wasted. For example, 3% leech and 3% avoidance? What are those, make the basic abilities baseline and change these to meaningful ones, including rune regen AND some utility, like x % armor increase, like warriors have.


Not quite sure if you’ve actually played Unholy on the beta. We had an insane amount of resource before the changes and now have a good amount. You will have very little downtime overall, no problem.

    • Unholy
      • Fixed an issue with Magus of the Dead, Army of the Dead, and Gargoyle’s damage not scaling with Mastery: Dreadblade.
      • Morbidity now affects ranged caster summons (ex: Army of the Dead, Magus of the Dead) in addition to caster pets (ex: Risen Ghoul).

The Morbidity part doesn’t work.
Even when they say they fixed stuff, it doesn’t work like they say.

And about the mastery … Magus’ Shadow Bolt still hits less than his Frostbolt. Where’s the mastery fix?!

Unholy Mastery is Pet damage AND Shadow Damage.

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Magus feels dead tallent atm


Death coil needs buffs we dont all want to have a pet build. I should be able to hit 40+k death coils like i was in season 4 as rng every other class has rng so why are you taking this away from dk ? Always seems to be major changes to dk while classes that always have it good like rogue or warr just get more and more everytime stop changing the way we have to play and forcing us to play a certain way thanks relying on pets that have a dumb ai btw

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Im convinced blizzard have an agenda against dk we have downtime class flaws and when we have it good blizz chop and change everything and force us to play one way its just not fair

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