🍻 <Lazy Peon Tavern> recruiting for mythic raiding (5/9 M)

Oldschool guild recruiting for mythic raiding (5/9 M).

:clock4: Raidtimes:

3 days/week: Thursday, Sunday & Monday.
20.30 - 23.30 servertime (GMT +1).

:mag_right: Currently seeking:
1 healer: Evoker, Druid, Shaman
2 ranged dps: Anything but hunter.

All applications are however considered. If you have any questions regarding the recruitment you can contact Luria in game or on the battletag linked below.

:open_book: About us:

Lazy Peon Tavern was formed in 2007 as a 10 man guild, raiding Karazhan and Zul’Aman. After a less successful attempt to go 25 man, WotLK arrived and we decided to stay 10 man. We stayed this way until Warlords of Draenor when we expanded to a 20 man raiding guild.

We’re a stable guild in the sense that we’ve never been dead, reformed or had a big change of players. We have raided every tier since 2007, and we have kept a lot of the same people in the guild and have the same guildleader and raidleader. One of the reasons for this is that we decided early on to only recruit people we liked. Over the years we have tried to find good raiders who are also nice people, and to not make exceptions on that policy. We feel this is the reason we have a relaxed atmosphere in the guild with a friendly and humorous mood.

We have one raiding team where every raider is equal. Some guilds have two or more teams and perhaps a bench, where some people get to sit out more than others. We have never had any of that, and we’re only recruiting for our main team.

We are a bit oldschool. When our guild was formed back in TBC, every “real guild” had a website, a forum, and raid-calendar, thus we also got all that. Since that time much has changed. Most guilds have moved away from forums and websites towards Discord (for both voice and chat) and the in game raid calendar. We have however opted to stick with our original setup, which means joining our guild means taking a step back to forumposting, event calendar signing, and Teamspeak. The good old days never have to end!

:dragon_face: Current progression:
Amirdrassil: 5/9 mythic, 9/9 heroic
Aberrus: 4/9 mythic, 9/9 heroic
Vault of Incarnation: 5/8 mythic, 8/8 heroic

:memo: Summary of what we are:

  • Stable guild with long raiding history on Silvermoon.
  • Raiding current content 3 nights a week.
  • Relaxed atmosphere in raids, without losing focus or interest in progression.
  • Friendly humorous people.
  • Oldschool approach.
  • Fantastic art-department (see website news).

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Minimum requirements for a raider-trial:

  • Your gear and experience is close to what we currently raid, or you’re a returning player who’s willing to put some effort in to catch up.
  • You will generally be available to raid with us at least 2 raids a week.
  • You’re age 18+. If you are very “youthful” you just won’t fit into the group. Most of us are in our late 20s to early 40s.
  • You’re a nice person generally. We don’t want to recruit drama.
  • You’re interested in joining our “community”. We don’t recruit alts.
  • You keep up with our forum and don’t miss out on important things we post.

:link: To read more about us, to apply, or watch amazingly cool artwork!:


:eyes: To watch us raid, or watch our tank do random things outside of raid.:


:left_speech_bubble: To contact us to ask questions:

Battletag: Luria#2538
Discord: _luria

Bottoms up! :beers:


Ode to damage #4 :boom:

We’re looking for a player who
can greatly complement our crew
Who pushes damage to the max
and doesn’t hold back his attacks
when mobs are spawning all around
to AoE them to the ground.

And if the boss is all alone
he’ll change his talents on his own
without complaints or heavy sighs.
He knows well how to itemize :socks:
for going on a killing spree,
yet has a pleasant personality.

And if we have a massive wipe,
he is of course the relaxed type,
who isn’t sulking or upset
or throws away his whole headset
Instead he’s calm and buffs to full
to be prepared for the next pull.

We seek a player of this kind
who can do jobs and doesn’t mind
to place a voidzone far behind,
or touch an orb if so assigned. :comet:
Who isn’t all about the ranks,
but also keeps above the tanks.

If you’re the type of guy we seek,
or girl (we have no Me Too-freak!),
then please consider our guild,
before our roster is all filled.

- Lazy Peon Tavern :beers:


Seeking one or two caster dps. A warlock would be extra interesting! :woman_mage:

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Ode to ranged dps #11 :sparkles:

We seek one of those men in dresses
who shows to raid in time, and presses
his keys real fast to dot the trash,
or Lava bursts the boss to ash. :funeral_urn:

Who conjures biscuits from thin air
or summons us inside Gruul’s Lair.
Who brings his pets to every fight
and traps the adds to our delight.

Who sidesteps like a matador
when puddles spawn upon the floor,
or uses blink to get across :dash:
if he’s been split up from the boss.

We seek one of those damagedealers
who likes to hang back with the healers
and do their magic from a far,
and then relax inside our bar. :beer:

If you’re the type of guy we seek,
who’s looking for a guild this week,
where people raid but act nice too,
perhaps we are the guild for you?

- Lazy Peon Tavern :beers:


:snowman_with_snow: Merry Christmas everyone! :christmas_tree:

Still seeking a caster or two!

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Closing recruitment for a little while. We have a full roster. :clipboard:

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:unlock: Opening recruitment for a healer or a ranged dps/healer hybrid. :adhesive_bandage:

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Roses are red, :rose:
draenei are blue. :cold_face:
On Silvermoon EU, :first_quarter_moon_with_face:
we recruit you? :sheep:


Still looking for a healer and one or two ranged dps! :boom:

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