Learn About the Mythic+ Dungeon Rating in Chains of Domination

They will do a quick +2 Mists to make sure people can’t filter them out.

They’re not bothered by people actively filtering them out, that’s not their customer base. It would be win-win, they target only people that want to purchase or not bothered by spam, and the rest of us don’t see the spam.

That’s one more step they have to take before they can get to spammin. And that’s a good thing. The more steps boost spammers have to take before they can start spamming, the better.

PS: The more “QOL” blizz puts in the game, the more boost spammers get quality of life for their leveling bots. Used to be, leveling a spammer bot took about a week. Now it takes 2 days. No wonder spam is so bad in Shadowlands. Constant gold emissary quests, players have infinite gold. No gold sinks, no talent respec costs, repairs being insignificant - players have nothing to spend their gold on. Boosters know the millions they can tap into just by offering some… “Quality of Life”, some “pay2progress faster”. This is all an issue of game design.

Raider IO R.I.P

Hardly, rio will still provide more data than the built-in score.

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Verry well said :smiley: , and i know that a lot of pple will hate me for this , but i hope that blizz will implement an loosing score sistem alongside , or smth like an red score for those who tend to leave before the end of the dung

Good luck being invited to a dungeon with a low score unless you’re a tank or a healer…

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No thank you.

Where’s my world content?


I would like to read why somewhere in the organisation someone decided: “Make raiding the ultimate endgame, screw everyone else!” ( even though this might not be the exact way of thinking at the time, this is simply what it comes down to ).

It has never been such a huge difference between raiding and non raiding players as it is with these coming changes. When one wants to play mythic+ (and thorgast/etc, you know the chores of mmo), but they DONT want to raid they are from now on going to be just completely trash compared to (end game)raiders. Without the fancy ‘donination sockets’ we (mythic±dungeon-lovers-who-doesn’t-raid-people) will be outgeared so far that all the fun is gone.

As a non raider I can do +20s now on my ret paladin ( even though its one of the worst classes to do so ), but the difference between the 226-233 is ‘managable’ in 9.0. With this patch you just want to feel even more bad for not raiding? I genuinely don’t understand and I would love to hear how this desicion is justified.

You are aware that mythic+ has not existed before legion and raiding was in fact the only option to get proper PvE gear, over dungeon or crafting level, for the longest time?

Anyway, you phrased that statement very wrong, what you meant was

“I have never witnessed such a huge difference between raiding and non raiding players”.

Because out of the 17 years that WoW exists now, 12 of those meant that raiding was the only source of high end PvE gear, perhaps with the exception of the occasional PvP item being overpowered in PvE.

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Well it misses one key info - it doesn’t provide # of keys someone conpleted in certain range - when picking a pug, this is more important than score it self (seing someone done 100+ keys vs someone with 8 done keys…) :slight_smile:

I will still use rio, as it provides number of dungoens someone has done

Introduces? Seems more like you heavily took ideas from folks that actually play the game and built a system to make things better for players.

Could have at least given credit where due.

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Yay, more ways to categorize and gatekeep players

Just what this game needed. :clown_face:


I think you get a whole new zone?

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No. It’s an area. In an already existing zone. A zone that I hate.
A zone that, even after the upcoming changes, I will still hate.
Also; the area looks almost as drab and depressing as the rest of the Maw.
Yeah there will be some stuff to do there, but it’s not what I’d call quality world content. :tired_face:

To me zone and area are the same words. I think there is a whole progression thing going on in there even. If you don’t like it then you don’t like it. Sure. But you get a whole new open world area.

It’s not the same. A zone is bigger with much more variety and stuff to do.
Yes there will be progression there, but it’s a tiny area with a look that’s almost as depressing as the Maw. Not a place I want to spend my days in.

‘Whole new open world area’, makes it sound way more grand than it really is. It’s really small. With really not that much to do each day.

Whilst instanced content is getting loads of new stuff and reworks and whatnot.
The balance is all out of whack.

Can I get some quality quests and well designed zones instead? Thanks, love, that would be great because I couldn’t give a damn about running any of SL dungeons on anything more than Heroic, for the quests. Cheers.

Whatever. Even when i google translate i get the same translation.

I get nothing new. I keep the same 8 dungeons.