Leatherworking (225 to 300) Not available

So i boosted a hunter to 58 and started leveling up my leatherworking.
By the time i got to 225 i tried to learn “Artisan leatherworking” to get my skill up to 300.
But this is not possible, i have visited almost every trainer that learns artisan. Not a single one offers me to learn it.

Does anyone have a suggestion for this?


Same issue here, and I also found this in the US forums. No idea how to solve it.(https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/boosted-professions-bug/970099)

Super weird. Hopefully blizz notices and fixes it.

same issue, ive been all over the world but cant find a single LW trainer that possibly trains it.

Glad to see it’s not just me though I have spent 20 minutes travelling the world sight seeing to try and find a trainer with artisan LW, sadly none could be found.

same and miss recipes thick armor kit

and ALL trainers miss recipe thick armor kit

Yep I also had the same, checked every trainer, even the old one in Feralas (Every trainer should have Artisan as of Pre-patch), and none could teach me Artisan.

Hey all,

Thanks for reaching out about this!

We’re aware of the issue and working on a fix!

EDIT: No ETA currently I’m afraid, but we’ve got a support article up for any future updates here:

Thanks for your patience and understanding for now!


Thanks for at least acknowledging this as an actual bug.

Can we get an ETA for the fix?
A profession is a core ability in the game, and right now, we can’t use it.
This shouldn’t need more than a few lines of adjustment in the database.

You went through closed and open beta testing, and there are still game-breaking bugs like this?
I expect a bit more professionalism for a ridiculously overpriced Dark Portal Pass, not gonna lie.

I know I’m going to get called a white knighter for this, but at least it’s cheaper than the Retail Boost and not by a small amount.

No, that’s actually a fair point. Both of them are overpriced, but the Retail boost is definitely worse.

Also missing Dark leather boots recipe, aswell as thick leather armor kit as mentionned above

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It would be great if someone acknowledged this issue: Realm Transfer Gold Cap Has Not Been Raised

Is Hahrana Ironhide ,in Feralas, the npc that have this bug?

So i know who i came back later.

Yes, Hahrana is bugged too

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The problem is fixed have trained at Lynalis , Leatherwork Master, at Silvermoon. Talk to a guard for profession position exactly.

I can also confirm that its fixed on horde side, bought Artisan leatherworking from Hahrana Ironhide ,in Feralas

All LW trainers seem to be fixed, and we can also train thick armor kit properly now too