Realm Transfer Gold Cap Has Not Been Raised

Blizzard told us the cap for realm transfer would go from 2000g to 5000g after opening up again after prepatch, but this doesn’t appear to be the case as it’s still 2000g (see blue post below). But it only shows as a level 70 transfer amount, and 60 is still 2000g. The blue post is obviously referring to level 60 transfer amounts, not 70 since no one can level to 70 currently.

I am so infuriated by this after a week of looking forward to transferring away from the awful PvP server I’m on that I don’t play on it at all. I want to play with my friends but I refuse to leave 3000g on a server I’ll never play again, ever. I have put a ticket in, but the eta is getting longer and longer, meaning no one is wanting to answer it.

Please let us know as this is sorely disappointing to those who want to leave toxic servers.

Blizzard please open Character Transfer in prepatch

There was another thread where someone mentioned they tranfsered with 4999g,try that.

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