Legendary daggers on rogue

Cant transmog 2x legendary Daggers on Rogue, can only 1 but cant do on set

Same here. Im able to transmo only one dagger.
Blizz, can you fix it :frowning:

They are! Just found this out by accident :sweat_smile:, right click on the dagger in the list (not on your character) when you’re transmogging :slight_smile: you get a small optionlist for Golad and Tiriosh
Set Golad on your main hand, Tiriosh as off hand (as they were intended) and there you go! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love the perfect theme of the fangs of the father with 8.3 :heart:


Just adding a blue tag here for visibility - similar to some druid artifact appearances, some appearances use a right click for changing the version of the item within a set :slight_smile:

Enjoy the daggers!


A blue post, such an honour :heart:
Definitely enjoying them! They fit this patch so good!

Also super convenient to have the originals in your bags and have them keybinded for the slow fall.

also funny trivia, if you transmog them properly mainhand/offhand like I mentioned but then switch weapons afterwards, the transmog dissapears and your weapons display their original appearance untransmogged

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