Legendary item disassembly

The idea of the “Legy” item disassembly is to be able to go up to the Runecarver and basically tell him to destroy the Legendary item and in the process give you the soul ash back that u used for crafting that certain Legendary, since there are a lot of people that craft some Legendaries that they don’t like and once they switch to their so to say “BIS” legendary they feel like they wasted weeks of progress because of that one mistake of creating that bad Legendary item.

Then in the end you are stuck with crappy Legendary item that you wont use for possibly the whole patch or even expansion and nobody wants to simply destroy it cuz then you basically lose all the progress u made for it (all the gold for base item and soul ash).

But with something like “Legy disassembly” you will lose gold but will get that Soul Ash that you could use to upgrade the current Legendary item you are currently using.

It sucks that you need to waste weeks to progress to be able to make a Legendary item and then possibly never use it after getting that “BIS” one you were after.

As example: I’ve gotten the Arms Warrior Unhinged legy the first time i did Theater of Pain and some other dude ran the dungeon 30 times wasting few weeks of farming the dungeon and wasn’t able to get it, he proceeded to make a Legendary that he didn’t like cuz he got discouraged that he will never get Unhinged. In the end he did 1 m8 ToP after making that crappy Legy and he received the Unhinged memory and after that I haven’t seen him online for some time now. Because of it he probably stopped playing the game or unsubbed completely, all because of that wasted progress.

Thank you for reading this Champion.

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