Legendary prices on our server

Yeah they COULD have announced this yesterday. I also have been thinking about moving, but it’s still costly. Still unable to move gold to other realms, otherwise I might have move my main(s). I think they care more about the $$$ for server moves than players who are on dead servers.

Depends how much gold you’re talking about. I think you can move a decent amount if you move the character as a guild master. Of course it costs more - but you have the added bonus of being able to transfer a lot more “stuff”. Personally I made a fortune (for me … for most it wasn’t a huge amount :P) on things like augment runes (that I bought on LB for around 50g each and sold on the new realm for over 300g) - just a matter of knowing your market. And of course you can use your gold to pay for your transfer.

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