Legendary prices on our server

I know everyone wants to make gold, no issue with that. But is asking 150-200+k for a R6 really what we want?

These legendaries are a big part of the gameplay, these prices is what keeps some people who don’t have stacks of gold from playing many characters.

I really hope after 9.2 launches, today, this sh** has come to an end, this is ridiculous.

Can we please ask for more friendly prices? When I speak to friends on high pop realsm, they talk about much lower prices, and they play their alts, they buy their legos. Only they pay much less, let’s say 30-50k. Still a lot, but it’s decent, and doable for anyone (even casual can just do daily callings to get that amount of gold).

Unfortunately it’s all about supply and demand. When there are very few people making it, then the prices go up. Those people, if they’re having to buy some of the materials from the auction house, are also having to pay inflated prices for those.

Having experienced first hand the Lightbringer auction house … even in a decent sized guild where we have a lot of the legendaries “covered” by guild members, it has still been very difficult to make legendaries. When the auction house doesn’t even have enough cloth to make a legendary cloak, then you know things are dire.

This is one of the main reasons we have just made the decision to leave the realm. Since joining a busier realm, although prices are lower, lots of your stuff just sells (as opposed to having to put it on week after week, hoping for a sale that covers your costs). Personally I don’t tend to “play” the auction house, and even I managed to make something like 200-300k gold in a week or so, on the busier realm. I’ve got more gold now, than I ever has for over a decade, on Lightbringer.


Blizzard pays you to sell server transfers? :D. I’m joking of course. It does seem something worth looking at though, since our server is dead as…

Reason of staying is simply because my mates are here. Without any social interaction, I’d quit in a day tbh. Might throw the topic in our guild, see what happens.

Well it’s all a very personal, and financial choice. If you’re not feeling any issues on the realm, then I’m certainly not advocating leaving. Especially currently, when there is no incentive to move (ie, no character transfer sale on … plus no ability to transfer your guild).

You never know, Blizzard might surprise everyone and open up free transfers in a couple of months time :stuck_out_tongue:

We had spent months discussing the move, before we even decided to move. We then researched all the other realms that we thought were a “good fit”, made alts and checked them out day to day, played on them during the big patch day recently, made a google form to get everyone’s option and, more importantly, to ensure that, if we did move, we’d have a good sized guild still afterwards. Inevitably some don’t want to move, or don’t reply, so you have to take that into account.

We were working towards a move date sometime in summer, as normally Blizzard has a sale around that time, including transfers, but then they announced the new bulk transfers and the sale, so we just decided to take advantage and do it there and then. Not realising, initially, that the ability to actually transfer the guild itself had been removed from the store. And then we were told some rubbish about Blizzard looking to fix it “as a priority”, and we fell for it. Decided to transfer anyway, assuming that, within days, we’d be able to transfer the guild over.

In summary … transferring a guild is hard work :stuck_out_tongue: Not helped, at all, by Blizzard putting a spanner in the works, and then being misleading about a fix.

But I’ve had several messages back from guild members, some of whom were reluctant to move but wanted to remain with us, who are really pleased we did move. And personally, I’ve been quite surprised at how many did transfer with us.

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Thnx for the tips though, the alt thing makes sense. I know Draenor is a place many people go, but not sure if that one is uber-full right now.

The bulk transfer is nice yeah, not sure if that’s still on, but as you said, moving a guild takes a lot of effort/planning…it may be an option. At present we’re good, but it does seem like indeed it’s harder and harder to find new people.

Bulk transfer is still available. It’s just no longer on sale.

Although essentially it’s not actually a bulk transfer, it’s selling tokens to transfer characters, with a little discount if you buy in bulk.

We didn’t consider Draenor as a destination, simply because we felt it may be too full. Tarren Mill is showing as full too, but on various sites like wowprogress, it’s showing as less full than Draenor. We had a list of around 8-10 realms we considered and by the end we had wittled it down to around 3 or 4. Tarren Mill got us because it is also “connected”, like Lightbringer/Mazrigos; it has one of the top raiding guilds on it, so there’s an active auction house and an active raiding community; their Blizzard forums are active; their trade chat is active and in English, and isn’t just spam.

We are a little concerned there may be queues at peak times (ie, expansion launches), but we’d already checked out the realms during a big patch day and we knew there were no queues. Patch days are more important to us, because usually we raid on a patch day - so we don’t really want people to be queuing to get in. Expansion days aren’t as bad, because no-one has to rush to get in. And we worked on the assumption that, as long as Draenor still had capacity, and Tarren Mill was slightly smaller, then it should be okay too.

Not saying that Draenor is not an option though. We have ex-guild members who tranferred to Draenor and have had no issues so far.

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Same thoughts about the too full, also not sure if that would impact the performance of the game. Will consider TM, thnx for the tips.

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Gotta say checked for some R7s yesterday, 200-400+k. How is that ok I wonder, something for people who want to play the game competitively, to pay 400k for a legendary? I will stick to my R6 until these prices are more decent.

And if they don’t, then R6 it is. Also, if Blizzard decides to put something like that in the next expansion, as much as I love World of Warcraft (and as much as I think anyone should be able to make some gold, making something so vital to the gameplay depending on AH, is ridiculous and a seriously bad design choice), I would probably stop playing WoW, and I believe we’ve put up with a lot of crap these last 2 expansion, there’s a limit.

At the start of SL, some people claimed how alt friendly it was. I don’t know sometimes who’s testing this stuff, but didn’t any of these Alpha/Beta testers say anything at all?

I personally hope for a Legion 2.0, I had so much fun in that expansion. Not perfect, but I had more fun than now.

The new raid at least is pretty cool, I didn’t like the previous raid much.

All rightie, rant time over :wink:

You could, of course, simply speak to someone direct who has the ability to make the legendary you’re after, and ask them to make it for you, for matts and a tip. If you can see some on the auction house of the type you want - go speak to that person direct.

Legendary base items cost a fortune to learn to make from scratch, and then the items to make those base items aren’t cheap either - on any realm. Admittedly not 400k expensive, but they’ve got to factor in the number of people making and selling them on the realm (if there’s more people, there’s more competition, the prices go down).

The other alternative, of course, is to learn to make the things yourself. Then you, too, can sell them for 400k :wink:

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Fair enough, but I would say that this would take quite a bit of time :wink:

I used to send mats/gold to Karananga, but he also went to TarrenMill :wink: He made my wrists.

Could try contacting them, good tip, see where it goes. I do still think this lego system is the worst thing (for me) about SL. I’m sure the crafters disagree hahaha.

It does take quite a bit of time. That’s part of what you’re paying for. Not the item itself, but the time and investment it took to get to the point where it was possible to make in the first place.

It’s also the down-side, and one of the primary reasons, we moved realms.

When you get to the point where your realm doesn’t even appear to HAVE all of the possible legendary items, and there’s not enough people there who are willing to put the effort and investment into learning them, it becomes untenable.

Our guild, with several members, Karananga being the main one, putting that time and effort into learning multiple legendary base items, was probably a loss to the realm in that respect.

But there are others that remain that could make that time investment if they were willing. I think once a realm gets to the size Lightbringer/Mazrigos has, it’s a matter of either being self sustaining on an individual or guild basis, or trying to organise something amongst the rest of the remaining population.

Speaking of which … I need to make a post about that.

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March 21st. Cloth belt i291. 19 available on Silvermoon at 95k; 16 available on Draenor at 99k. 4 available on Lightbringer at 292k. Such is life on the realm Blizz forgot about and hasn’t cared about for years.

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They want people to buy server transfers, since they probably make more money of these “services”. than the actual game. They should just merge dead servers, it’s not fun like this.

Agreed. We are only here because friends are here. My guild has been a leading guild (not the best, but goodish) on the server since 2006. we still have around 20+ raiders at the start of an xpac, but it’s always been a struggle getting enough players for mythic raids. I also raid one day a week hordeside on Draenor and the difference is remarkable. Guilds with about the same quality of player are way ahead in progress terms on Draenor and Silvermoon simply because the realm circumstances there make gearing and progress a little easier, and provide a wider opportunity to players who are less than hardcore but more than casual. It makes me resentful and bitter, but I doubt Blizz gives a sh*t as long as our obligations to our friends here supersede our frustrations and we keep on paying the monthly fee. Even if the whole realm stopped paying and playing, I doubt Blizz would care very much as there are too few of us on LB to wield economic power.

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Blizzard won’t care if everyone stops playing on a low pop realm - as you said, it’s a low pop realm so a drop in the ocean and, as far as they’re concerned, less people complaining. Not that they seem to pay attention to the complaints anyway. There was even a fairly long thread about dead realms/auctions houses on them, on the Community Council. It had obviously been seen by Blizzard, as they replied … but did not address any of the points raised.

Since we moved … and started recruiting again … we had 6 applications in 2 days, most with very little work from myself. On Lightbringer we were lucky to get one a week - and that was me doing a constant browsing on various sites for people. And half the time that one would be a returning member.

So far, we’re happy about the move. We shall see what happens when we get to the start of a new expansion - see if the realm implodes :stuck_out_tongue:


Our guild is raiding with a few other guilds, also from Draenor and TarrenMill. All NM and HC.

I won’t get into Mythic Raiding, since it runs some people into a-holes, people who almost ruined our guild start of Shadowlands. We’re a social guild, who have fun doing Raids in a non-Pro fashion.

Last night we went at Anduin for 3 hours, but next week he’s going down. I feel he’s the actual end boss of this raid. Would have love to kill the guy pre-nerf, I’m sure he will get some nerfing.

So working over time now :smiley: . I like the Guild from Draenor/TarrenMill we play with now, nice atmosphere, no elitism, no swearing.

I’m not surprised they didn’t respond, since they obviously want that realm change money! :smiley:

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We did the same last week. He’s just had some nerfs. I’m not too proud to accept those nerfs :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t know you had moved. Had a toon (loblollygirl, monk) with you once and a couple of social raids before alt burnout. Hope the move works out well.


Ahh yes … I remember the character name Loblollygirl :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah we’d been discussing it for a while in-guild - did the whole shebang of various polls, voting forms, spreadsheets, researching options and alternatives, before taking the plunge. So far … best thing we ever did. Even those reluctant to move, have been pleasantly surprised. VERY disappointed, of course, that Blizzard couldn’t actually get off their butts and actually do anything about the state of the low pop realms, but unfortunately not surprised. And of course we’ve boosted their coffers a little in the process.

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