Legendary Quest Bug

Hello, I’m writing here in the hope of receiving a timely solution to my problem. I have an issue with the Legendary Quest in WoW.

I have successfully completed the quest “To the Test: Symbiotic Glowspore Grip.” I received the epic item (Attuned Glowspore Grip) and used it. However, I did not receive the legendary item (https://www.wowhead.com/spell=429135/symbiotic-glowspore-grip). Therefore, I am stuck on the last quest before the scenario.

I have only received two responses to my two tickets since February 24, 2024, and neither of them is remotely satisfactory. The essence of the first response was: “Everything is as it should be.” My problem was simply not addressed.

The second response included the following request translated by Google (No, the grammar errors are not from me; I actually received the message like this): “Thank you for your message. :smiley: Can you please try these steps: 1. Enter the proving grounds from your garrison by talking to your NPC at the mission table. 2. Start each trial by talking to the trial master. Stay next to him. 3. Activate the element to start the channel. 4. Speak to the NPC after a few ticks to finish the trial. This will stun you and make you immune while the debuff persists, and your full health will be restored when the debuff ends. 6. Rinse and repeat until the process is complete. Starting the trial also resets the item CD.”

Once again, my actual problem was not addressed, and I received a generic response. I have repeatedly requested to speak directly with a GM to quickly resolve the issue, but each of these requests has been ignored.

At this point, I don’t know what else to do. I have clearly explained what the problem is. Instead of simply sending me the item or resetting the quest, I receive responses that do not remotely relate to my issue. I can understand delays due to insufficient staff or other reasons. However, if the responses are similarly senseless for other players, it’s no wonder tickets remain open for an extended period. This cannot continue, and I urgently request assistance once again.


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