Legion levelling

I am a recently returned player. I wanted to level up a Demon Hunter, as I have never played that class before. I figured levelling in Legion would be cool, as it fits thematically the character. Two major issues, however:

  • My artifact warglaives are stuck at low level and do not seem to scale with the character. At the same time, quests are not rewarding weapons. The Auction House has nothing for my level either. So I am stuck in this situation where my character is weak and there is nothing I can do about it.

  • Legion assaults are impossible to do because I cannot queue to find people for the group objectives, as this feature requires level 50. And because of the layering mechanism the world is empty and I cannot find people “locally”.

Am I doing something wrong or is Legion just completely broken?

Legion quests give artifact relics, which you can socket into the artifacts to increase their ilvl.


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