Leper Gnome build?


I wanna look like a Leper gnome, I have made a greeen skinned DK with Fel Proof Goggles, I was told to come on AD (as role players would know more about this kind of stuff) are there any mounts/items Leper gnome like?

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Im sure there is a way through which you can take the appearance of a leper gnome. Granted it lasts a few hours but it is… An item of sort?


Yeh Ik but Im looking for more items and mounts than toys and such :slight_smile:



Get this. It has 100% uptime, lasts it combat and transforms you into a proper leper.


I will could be used as a great toy, but Im more looking for something like cosmetics


Hello there!
I believe any goggles, with some cog/spanner themed weapon (like the engineering one hand mace from engineering) and, soon enough parts of Gnome heritage armor will be cool ones. :slight_smile:
I’d say to have your profession as engineering, to be able to use and create the big goggles.
For armor, probably something which looks like an engineer’s gear. Having pockets, light armor, etc. So probably not a DK/Plate themed mog would be better.

And finally, for mounts, I’d say any mechanical mounts and pets will be cool! Thermaplugg rides a big fighting robot in Gnomeregan. :slight_smile:
So, sky golem for that?

Have fun. Hope it helped! :slight_smile:

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hey bro! if your character is going to be a forsaken and you wish to join the Forsaken Discord community drop me a whisper in game. Yeee.

For Sylvanas.


I was thinking either the Golem or the flying Heads


Or the Gyrocopters and Mechanostriders! All of them fit I’d say. :wink:

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