Let Shamans use swords in Dragonflight

With Dragonflight on the horizon, it’s time to lift the barrier that doesn’t allow shamans to use swords.
Transmog is nowadays an integral part of the player experience, with people playing the game with the only goal of collecting every item their class can mog. With transmogable gear still being locked to armor types, the barrier for weapon transmogs and uses should be lifted.
I also believe in the future we should be able to transmog plate to cloth, but this may break the “class fantasy” for some classes, while I think it would be a cool idea.

Atleast, if any changes are gonna be made for Dragonflight, please make it so we can transmog swords and atleast imagine ourselves to be some sort of cool elemental swordsman, always a favorite fantasy troupe of mine.


Yes please. And make two-handed weapons viable aswell.

So basically let everyone use everything?


Uhm, no thanks. Swords has nothing to do with a shaman, never has, and I hope it never will.


apparently a sword is much harder to hold than an axe

no from me, doesn’t fit to the fantasy of the class.

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Shamans are not swordsmen. The idea gives me the squirts.

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Well neither does swords on a fury warrior given the concept of swords are used for precision in combat while axes and hammers are more for wild swings.

Yet theyre able to

It doesnt need to affect your fantasy thanks to the transmog system. However by default increases the likelyhood of a weapon dropping so why would you be against this ??

All the replies hurts Drekthar’s feelings🥲

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