Let us do cool things NPCs can

By this title, I am refering to some specific items, costumizations and animations that many NPC’s can have, but not the players. RP servers would certainly need some of them. Examples include:

  1. Normal, not Gnomish glasses, like those many Gilneans wore in Bradensbrook, as well as Kul’Tirans in BFA. Even in Cataclysm, Lord Godfrey wore glasses, so why not us?
  2. Let us choose wether we wish to have our hair coming down from the headpieces. I have seen NPC’s do that, and having Sylvanas or Alleria making us jealous doesn’t help but makes us want the option more.
  3. Make emotes like the many jobs NPC’s do in Kul’Tiras. Make players able to clean the floor with a sponge, carry items/weapons on their shoulders, play musical instruments, smoke (this is actually in option in LotRO), and most importantly, make the drunk human animation we see Flynn do available for all races when they get drunk and walk/run.
  4. At least, make the food players eat look different or put different models according to the food’s category (fish,meat,etc), instead of having them consume that big, brown piece of unidentifiable matter. With the same thought, change the mugs/glasses of drinks, according to what the player drinks, and let us hold the drink like Azshara does in Najzatar.
  5. Let us have water mounts like rowboats, since there is a rowing animation, that change per race/culture.
    Should you do these changes (and more), you would get many RPers on the playerbase, or just improve the current one. It’s called an MMO “RPG”, so you could enrich the latter.

(By the way, my game time ends today and I don’t know whether I will resub, so don’t expect replies from me)


I still find it hilarious that the trash NPC mobs in the tidesage dungeon (forgot the name) have much better spell animations than shamans.


Don’t think there are cigarettes in WoW so that’d break immersion. We don’t have waterwalking mounts(anymore)/floating mounts/woodworking or woodcutting profession so that rowboat isn’t exactly possible(not to mention that the store boat mount couldn’t even float either xD). The hair suggestion is probably alot harder to do because they don’t even have options for tusks/horns yet, making playing a Troll/DH a transmog issue. The glasses and emote suggestion are probably the only ones plausible, the food one too but it’s basically an extension of the emote suggestion. That said, WoW is really lacking a whole lot of RP elements for an MMORPG. Wouldn’t worry either way though, those’ll probably be added in a cash store emote pack…

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Most of these I could take or leave, but I really love this one - Especially since all the playable races, at least on Wowhead, already have access to the animation. :beer::crazy_face::+1:

I’d also love for my troll to be able to do the chanting animation which NPCs on Zandalar do.

oh god dont give them ideas. :scream:

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It’s not giving them ideas, it’s AAA devs these days.

I still find it hillarious that Zandalari Priest NPCs use Hex of Weakness, the Troll Priest exclusive spell that was removed alongside all other priest spells.

And Alliance fodder army during incursions uses a differently named Heroic Strike.

I still don’t know if I should consider stuff like that flavour references or straight up pouring salt on the wounds of pruning.

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I managed to find time for this thread before my subscription’s expiration. You actually have a very good point. Tidesages in SotS, TIDEsages, wield arcane circles and symbols around their hands, like Khadgar and Jaina in the well-made cinematics, and concept arts. And I was wondering, why in the world don’t Arcane Mages, any Mages, Priests, Warlocks, spawn their versions of magical circles while casting/channeling? This is supposed to be their philosophy, right? Instead, Arcane Mages only spawn circles on their ENEMY for ONE SECOND. We want to see those damn pieces of art on our character’s hands for a greater while, Blizzard! Not just imagine we that we do what Doctor Strange or even WoW Characters actually do.

I already love this idea, YES.


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