Let Your New Talents Shine in Dragonflight

Let Your New Talents Shine in Dragonflight

Learn how to make the most of the revamped Talent system, available with the Dragonflight pre-expansion update.

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Yeah, i’d probably enjoy it if the HUD/UI editor wasn’t so bugged that everything resets and gets cluttered and the chat locks to the top left corner and the edit windows are still visible even after closing the editor itself.

No add-ons installed either on my end.

How can Blizzard hold an alpha and beta for weeks, and not take any feedback and put it to good use?

Next time, let the majority of participants be actual players who want to make sure you get proper feedback, participate, rather than having joy-riders aka streamers and whatnot participate, only to leave zero valuable feedback.

Blizzard should do like others have done in the past, and have a proper survey and invite people based on their survey inputs.


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