Let's Predict 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3! 😎


  • We venture underground, chasing after Iridikron, Vyranoth and Fyrak, to a fiery domain of Earth surrounding Azeroth’s core.
  • The mechagnomes referenced by Blingtron in Legion are present, as there is a war raging between elementals and Titan-forged.
  • Locations include the Magnetic Chasm.
  • There are allusions made towards a corrupting Void influence, deep below, as well as somewhat shocking revelations made about Deathwing.
  • The Black Dragonflight finally gets a new Aspect, however Iridikron is twisted by some strange corruption and ultimately escapes.
  • Fyrak and Vyranoth are slain.


  • We venture into the Emerald Dream, seeking to protect the hidden sapling from Iridikron, who’s launched an attack alongside the Primalists.
  • There’s a sprawling storyline involving Ysera and Malfurion, the Cycle of Life and Death, and of course the future of Azeroth’s World Tree(s).
  • Further information about Elune is revealed.
  • The patch culminates as both the Night Elves and the Undead are given new homes, as well as Heritage armour sets.
  • Iridikron is slain.


  • The final major patch of the expansion explores the themes of Order and Arcane magic, most notably Time.
  • It is heavily themed around the Titan Pantheon, the origins of the Aspects and of course Muruzond.
  • Kalecgos will make a tough choice regarding the future of his flight, and provide what aid he may to Nozdormu and the Bronze flight as they battle the Infinite and seek to prevent a terrible fate.
  • As the expansion comes to a close, the Aspects all bless the World Tree (whichever it ends up being) and brace themselves for the new Hour of Twilight - N’Zoth, Yogg-Saron, C’thun and Y’shaarj have returned!

I say the patches will contain new scale colors for the dragon mounts aligned with the actual story. So infinite dragonflight coloration makes sense but what will the other ones be?

Bold of you to assume Malfurion wasn’t simply put on a bus.

And/or maybe the old god that runs the Darkmoon Faire? I still wonder which one that is.

Interesting theories :+1:

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You forgot to mention that…

“Finally the Titan Disc of Tyr is found and the data stored inside of it will be used to bring Tyrs Mind back to the already new-forged body at the Spire.”

10.1: Blizz finally tune all classes in both pve/pvp

10.2: rage quitting keys is now punishable

10.3: Arthas is back

After that all the players die from happiness and that’s it

Last boss Nozdormu turned into his opposite Murozund.

Expansion over and we done with dragon for next 4-5 expansions.

that one is called capitalism, a new god

10.1 = bad balancing, m+ overtuned as always with a lot of bugs
10.2 = bad balancing ,m + overtuned as always with a lot of bugs

10.3 = they listened post on twitter

I think we deal with the elemental aspects in 10.1, except maybe one of them. But during the fight Nozdormu goes mad in some way or an other and we got Murozond and the infinite dragonflight teaming up with the last aspect and starting to mess up things through time. We get some new Caverns of Time content, maybe even the so much requested War of the Ancients raid.
10.2 will be about dealing with them and in the end we either save Nozdormu (after that Chromie monologue I kinda hope we do) or kill him as Murozond. But oh no, the damage have already been done. The infinite dragonflight with the last remining elemental aspect went back in time to defeat Alexstrasza and the others before they ever became aspects, during the time of the proto drakes. But it goes awry, and Galakrond comes to our timeline starting to wreak havoc just as Deathwing did back in his days.
So in 10.3 we have to kill him and undo the descruction he had brought. It might give a chance to rewamp some of the old world as well.
And maybe we could learn that Galkrond’s existence was the result of a failed Titan Keeper experiment or something. It could create some tension between allies. Also it would give a somewhat more understandable motivation why the elemental aspects are so spiteful against anything to do with the titans. Because they remember last time they trusted them the Titan Keepers failed and brought destruction to the world.
In the very end we get a hint that our time traveling shenanigans somehow paved a way to the past iterations of the Old Gods into the present. And thus setting up a light vs void theme for the next expansion.

Okay, most of this is just wishful thinking, but I really do hope we will see Galakrond in some way or an other before the end of the xpac.

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Isn’t Malfurion sleeping in Ardenweald?

Well of Eternity or different zones?

They could go for both. There were many battles fought in the War of the Ancients, they have material to work with.

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10.1 something something dragon

10.2 something something dragon with different colour

10.3 something something dragon with different colour and setting

lets be real though

10.1 mythic+/raid

10.2 mythic+/raid

10.3 mythic+/raid

thats all this game is now.

  • They said something like end boss of the expansion will be obvious at the end of Vault raid (but don’t quote me on that), so I’d assume it’s Iridikron, so I’d put either Vyranoth or Fyrakk dying in 10.1 and the other one in 10.2, leaving Iridikron for 10.3.

  • Instead I’d put Muruzond time stuff for a Megadungeon coming. It would fit with all the World events being added the same patch.

  • Pretty sure that 10.3 is going to be about the Red Dragonflight and Alexstrasza with the Titans… since Alexstrasza is the “main” character of the expansion, something like Sylvanas was for SL. I’d expect she eventually dies in 10.3 as some kind of sacrifice or something.

  • In the end Selistra the Life Binder (the new soverign of all Dragonkind), Merithra the Dreamer, Chronormu the Timeless One, Kalecgos the Spellweaver and Wrathion the Earth Warder get empowered by the Titans and become the new Aspects. Dragonkind is restored and ready to fave what comes ahead.

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