Lets talk about stats Mastery or Haste on BM (pvp))

Morning friends,

Recently turn my stats from Mastery to Haste and i saw some significant amount of burst but i am not sure about the damage output.
So i need your opinion and discuss "whats the best stats to add atm "
I also check the ladders (drustvar,pvp leaderboard) and all say about Mastery

Thank you all
For da Wow

I mix my stats. I use both mastery and haste. Playing with 0 haste feels really bad ( personal thing maybe )

Hmm, this is about PvP, so I’ll just tag myself to follow this.

I almost never do any PvP outside of battlegrounds for weekly quests (when there is one), but I’m still interested in getting better.

I do know a few things, but generic ones : Haste is always good to have, if only to reduce the base attack speed of our “blank shots” (that in turn can proc and reset other CDs) and increase Focus regeneration ; and Mastery is the biggest direct damage bonus for our Pets, that still do most of the job (at least in the few battlegrounds I played in).

I know that things are vastly different in PvP, but I guess some fundamental do not really change.

I’d be happy to be proved wrong, so I’ll follow along and learn !

Haste is King in pvp because it also reduces GCD so you can have more APM.

Would you mind to educate me about that ?

I thought the whole point of the 1.5 second Global Cool Down was that it was not reductible, while every other Cool Down (from Talents, Spells, etc) was affected by Haste.

I know that my shortcut icons are “greyed out” when under GCD, even when/if they have a shorter “personnal” CD lower than 1.5 seconds, so I’m completely lost here …

Go read.

I know nothing about PvP, but this logic makes no sense, nor does basically anybody on the ladder go by the same ‘haste is king’ thing. You get more APM sure, but you also do less damage with abilities, so there is clearly a trade off. By your logic, every spec in the game in all content would go pure haste.

Seems like basically everybody on ladder is going mastery/vers as BM right now.

I read.

Did you notice the “outdated article” tag, and the note at the end saying it was written for the 6.0.2 patch for Warlords of Draenor ?

I did a minimal amount of math : my main character has currently 30% in Haste, so the GCD of 1.5 seconds should go down to 1.05 seconds (30% of 1.5 = 0.45).

I switched the default interface setting to “show numbers on cool downs”.

BAM, all my greyed-out icons under GCD now show a number : 1.5 seconds.

I think something changed since WoD 6.0.2, and I’ll have to read more.

But one fact remains : the article you linked says at the very top that it is outdated.

The article GCD section is still correct. In your case you’d take baseline GCD (1.5), and then 1 + 0.30 (30% haste). 1.5/1.3 = 1.15 second GCD.

In game, I have 28% haste, which would result in a 1.17 sec GCD using the calculation above, and in game on my char sheet that is exactly what it says.

Despite all of this, I have no clue why he linked that article as a reasoning for haste lol, makes no sense whatsoever. But the article itself is fine in itself.

Possibly there is no changes to how haste works since then thats why its flagged as outdated

  • Haste: Haste increases your passive focus regeneration and reduces the cooldown of Barbed Shot and Kill Command. It also increases your auto attack speed (which means more Wild Call procs). Finally, Haste reduces the global cooldown time. The more Haste you have, the smoother the rotation will be. All of your pets inherit your Haste for their attack speed.

Taken directly from current guide in wowhead. Go read some more .

Also the MM Guide below is saying same think as me about haste

“If you do not have enough Haste, you will not be able to use all of the global cooldowns and casts required to set up crowd control and burst targets down before the enemy is able to interrupt you/use defensives.”

The literal guides you are linking both do not say ‘haste is king’.

You decided to selectively leave out ‘if you dont have enough mastery…’ and ‘if you dont have enough vers…’ lol.

Again, you could absolutely be right I have no idea about PvP, but your reasoning for it would mean every class in the game goes full haste which is obviously not true, and would go against what every high rated hunter seems to be doing.

for BM im more mastery than haste,
but i still have around 2000 stats into haste, and about 4000 into mastery

i got 1.8 recently ( i only ever go for 1.8 for the mog )

  • TBH, i might go Crit and mastery, the procs on barbed shot seem good enough to not worry about focus

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