Letters from a traveling writer

Hail Reader,

Surely, you came here because you were bored. As luck would have it the antidote is right in front of your nose, or snout… or decaying breathing apparatus in case you’re one of those.

The thing I’m talking about? Letters from far away lands, of course.
You see, I fashion myself a bit of a writer. Or did, perhaps. Ever since leaving the gritty wilderness of Voldun, I haven’t tasted the sweet nectar of inspiration. My ink has positively run dry. My muse has left me.
And so has my erstwhile partner since our arrival at Orgrimmar but those two aren’t to be confused.

Fortunately, the possible correlation between mortal danger and the ability to effortlessly chain words in a pleasant manner hasn’t eluded me. It’s a bold hypothesis. But as they say, our folks have a nose for trouble and I’m willing to put it to the test.
I’ll shortly be venturing forth into the wilderness of Azeroth with nothing than a quill, some ink, parchment, and two very sharp daggers to my name.

Which is where you come in, my dear reader. No need to get your hands dirty. Just sit back and check your mail box for letters from my travels every once in a while. Because who doesn’t like receiving mail not originating from the post master?

The best way to let me know of your interest in said endeavour would be to likewise send me a letter. The second best way would be in person but, though I’m sure you’re lovely, I hope I’m too sneaky for that.

Kind regards,
A traveling writer

OOC: I’m planning on questing through all expansions in preparation for DF.
To up the ante, it’s gonna be a one death and done sorta deal, wearing nothing but white and grey armor. Sort of like an Ironman challenge but less restrictive, because some of those restrictions are a tad boring.
Over the course of this undertaking, I’ll write some short ingame (and in character) letters in the above style to anybody that wishes to receive them.
As mentioned above, a letter to Kypora-themVentureCo should work just fine to let me know.


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