Level scaling from 120-60 with shadowlands expansion

Dear Blizzard.

Ever since wotlk you have screwed up the game with lousy expansions, then when that was no longer enough for you, you screwed up PVP & entirely destroyed the fun of it with BFA, now its all about myth gear very boring especially to us that loved PVP but hates Raids & Dungeons which i havent played at all in the expansion as i refuse to follow your ideas of fun ( which aint fun at all ) so now i just quest daily on all caharacters, not especially fun but untill you again make a good expansion then i can live with it.

With Shadowlands you will ruin the game further even i didnt thought it possible, but hey surprise surprise, now you will steal 60 of my characters levels, 60 & trust me i will not tolerate it from you, i wont buy the expansion i never want to play it at all, i will warn everyone i know of coming back to wow, which i dont have to as most of them skipped the game when you killed PVP & dont trust you anymore, I have spend 3 million gold leveling to 120 on 14 characters & oceans of time, & your chief programmar think the new system will be fun to me, fire the man hes obsolete & no longer of any use, I will NOT think its fun to have wasted so much time effort & gold leveling just to see you steal away 60 of my levels, if you do that even i dont buy the expansion, then wow is bye bye for me as well as it was to 90 % of my online friends long ago.

Im so tired to see you screw up the game with every new expansion just because you wants to find a way to make more money & because you have lost your imagination into creating fun mmorpg, maybe your dev team needs to be replaced with young Koreans & Chinese whom burns to make good games, instead of a burned out dev teams who has no imagination & fantasy anymore.

sincerely yours & thanks for 7 years of good fun untill you started to screw up the game with each expansion just to totally kill it with shadowlands.

sincerely yours & merry xmas.

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