Level Squish Numbers: What they should be

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I would rather they just collapse expansions on top of each other:
1-40 classic
40-50 all old expansions (free to choose between outland, pandaria, draenor, legion etc.)
50-60 current expansion (collapse into 40-50 vracket once expansion ends)

Gives more choices in which area to level, and removes the dreaded old expansion leveling experience


they should just scale everything to 10 levels or something like that because BIG numbers lik 120 are very scary and can strain the brain and that is not something anybody would want

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Even though you don’t want to discuss it, why do we need a level squish? It’s just a number.

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Exactly. If we keep the amount of xp needed for max level what exactly is the point of lvl squish? to get rewards like talents more offten? why not add more talents then? Why not add old talent tree with some not gamebreaking choices like “increase frostbllt damage by 5%” 1/5 and stuff like that. Because at the end idk what looks more “scary” - number 120 or leveling doing quests in 3 full zones for one level up…


Dont really remember them saying that leveling experience would not change.

They could collapse the expansions so that player can level in whichever zone they want after certain level (say 30 or 40). Give new expansion 5 levels, 55-60, just for the sake of squish (not 10).

Thats one and most likely outcome.

But there is a bit of disatvantage to that. Blizzard would go back to old levels and put themselves in timelock. As they have done with rescaling the damage and stat squish. After a while we get back to the point we were. This plan does not solve the problem it just delays it.

Well I do not know what Blizzard is planning, but they already have a solution in one of their games - Diablo.

World of Warcrafts leveling experience is messed up, timelines and story. Lets say it is not a fun experience for veteran players and confusing for new players. Classic zones provide player enough experience to reach level 60. That is where the paragon levels come in all the mobs stay level 60 the nessesary content is still there but not mandatory to do. World feels engaging and dangerous. There will be some RPG elements to it. As Paragon levels will serve to enchance the character on the expansion opening new talents or skills (same as Legion weapons did). This paragon levels could stay or be discarded to every new expansion (new season D3).

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It’s not that I don’t want to discuss it, I just don’t believe it’ll get us anywhere.

Personally I don’t think we need one. I don’t even understand why people find “120” scary, like… at all.


Remove levelling completely, thank you have a nice night.
Doesn’t matter if you have to level to 60 or 600 if they both take 100 hours.


I am very drunk at the moment so my apologies!!!

I like this level squish and of course Jaina showing more leg and chest is always amazing. Will respond when sober tomorrow, but then again wgaf!!!

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Well, that explains that then.


Serious question though, does blizzard actually have statistics or the just assume that new players are scared of the big bad 120? And how much it takes.

I would guess that someone with at least half a brain would understand that it’s balanced in a way that it will not take you an eternity to get to that level.


Not below 90 .

First reasons is : 7 EXTENSIONS , there too much thing existing to go back to 60 .

It works when game was news , but not now

But … What if instead take your level, they add news rows with damage increase / cooldown reduced between each major ? Like .

Each 5 level you can choice one minor talent to upgrade one of your existing spell, then each 15 you get one major point who allow a powerfull spell/gamechanging passive .

And two news rows with one being 3 différent “legiondary” (no seriously, who think it will be fun to add them at your regular row when they are not enough interesting) And second being “Azerith” with 3 of the most popular for each specs to allow player not feeling too week when you lost them totaly

It will be a mix between old talent tree/ news with more choice and more fun.

NB: If they want you to feel more powerfull when you ding, STOP taking away what you get and give you news thing instead.

Being low level again wont make me happy if i lose again something who make me fun to play everytime .


Level squish? I don’t want this.


should be better

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According to the survey the squish will happen.

(Razien) #20

They probably don’t have statistics and just assume.

I don’t see any way to even gather statistics on this aside for a poll/survey one of which hasn’t happened.

All I get from this is that they just gave up trying to find ways to make 120 levels work even though it’s a hilariously easy non-issue to fix even without a level squish.

I didn’t understand any of that, sorry.

…Are you high?


Make it 5 lvls instead of 10 then


If the level squish makes levels become less, I really hope that the experience in between these levels are carefully calculated so that the experience between level 1 and max level is not the same as the experience between the current 1-120.

I hope they greatly reduce the amount of experience between these squished levels, or it will not have any effect on leveling quality or speed. If they don’t reduce it, the whole squish won’t make any difference as then the experience between 1-max level will be the same as before the squish.

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Personally I would just make it:
Vanilla zone 1 - 30 (currently 1 - 60).
TBC, Wrath, Cata, MOP, WOD 30 - 50 (currently 60 - 80 & 80 - 90 & 90 - 100).
Legion - 50 - 60 (currently 100 - 110). Later to be merged with others somehow in a future re-squish.
BFA 60 - 70 (currently 110 - 120) later to be merged with others in a future re-squish.
I imagine a re-squish would be applied every two or three expacs. Perhaps future re-squish would be something like:
WOD, Legion, BFA 50 - 60.
9.0 60 - 70

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They said that nothing but the number would change, which means that a level would feel twice as long to get as it does now, thus in their eyes “making it mean more when you level up”.

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