Leveling a Druid with a difference

Hey folks. :upside_down_face:

Don’t mind me while I bunker down behind a passing Shaman’s flame resistant totem. Some disclaimers to start!

The purpose here is not to proselytize, nor to start a discussion (my character however might do these things in game or in her story!) because it’s an emotive topic usually and the aim here is not to turn this into a slinging match. I’m here to introduce my character, whose story I might well end up writing here as well as she levels and explain a little why I’m trying this. Played the original WoW beta and around about till the second expansion if I recall, and have been enjoying classic all over again. But, wanted to up the challenge a little bit in some way or other. Toyed with the idea of playing a character permanently drunk but it’s quite expensive for a new server, plus I’m a teetotaler IRL.

So er…here goes…

I’m leveling a vegan Druid. Not that she will say that, because, well…no vegans in WoW. She just doesn’t hurt beasts! I started out with a Night Elf Druid, found a lovely understanding guild, but well…I just can’t play alliance. So, back to where I belong, horde side.

Why a Druid? Well, firstly it just kind of fits. Secondly, one of the many restrictions I’m about to explain is no mounts and no flight paths…so travel form please! Soothe animal and hibernate are very useful here too.

So what does this mean in terms of gameplay?

As said, no mount (my Night Elf couldn’t ride a Mecho-strider anyway) and no flight paths. Not hurting any mob that has a “Beast” tag (occasionally I won’t cancel Thorns soon enough but ok, doing her best!). Not taking any quest that involves hurting beasts, not taking a quest that will involve being rewarded with something that probably ended up hurting a beast. You get the picture.

It also means she won’t consume (or sell, I use auto loot but delete anything that shouldn’t be there) anything “beasty”. So, no meat, eggs, wool, silk…

So now you’re probably thinking professions.

Fishing? Nope.
Cooking? Nope.
First aid? Well, heavy linen bandages, meh…why bother.

So which two am I taking? Skinning and Leather working. :crazy_face:

Now you might have just “Wtf?'ed” at that, but well…between the demons, worgen and yeti’s…If this feels like a cheat or a fudge to you, well it kind of is, and I didn’t do this on the Night Elf. This is not without problems either. There is a huge gap between light leather and the first viable medium leather source the level 30 Yeti’s in Hillsbrad, but cloth armour is an option too if I know it doesn’t involve wool or silk. But the aim is that her armour will come from leather from these sources and be hand crafted.

There are, as you can imagine, a bunch of grey areas. Do I buff hunters? Do I heal someone dying to a bunch of Beast mobs? To name just two, so far I’ve been doing both.

Anyway, if I find the time and what little creative energy I have I might write a little about her adventures and struggles with an non-understanding Tauren tribe below. If you see a Druid running away from a bunch of critters for no reason, it’s probably me…

Good luck and have fun, thats the most important thing!

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Very best of luck!

Reminds me of a Priest back in Vanilla who wouldn’t use any Shadow spells, didn’t even train them if I remember correctly. If memory serves it was for their own immersion as their character hadn’t been corrupted by the dark whispers of the void, etc, etc.

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