Leveling a new rogue


Hey rogues!
Im leveling another rogue to get that thick man heritage armor.
Everywhere I look they say outlaw is the way to go. Does it really make that much of a difference what spec you pick for leveling?
Haven’t played low level rogue in years and years


I always pick Sin spec for leveling and i’m sticking to it in endgame so i don’t know about other specs, but i can assure you once you will get Mutilate you will kill monsters in no time, add to this energy gains from rupture after mob die you have endless energy. But all that from level 40 onward, you can consider sticking to outlaw in 1- 40 range :slight_smile:
Best rotation while leveling that worked for me: Stealth > Garrote with Subterfuge talent > Rupture > 2 x Mutilate > Envenom and that’s it, mob is dead, you have full or almost full energy and you can start new mob ^^


Sublety works really fine too, you have a lot of burst and when you are able to talent mark of death you can really kill them within a stun


I started the new rogue last night and started out as outlaw.
Got from 20 to 35 fairly quickly. But holy shiiiet Im energy starved, pressing a button like every 4-5 seconds is not satisfying.
I tried sub and assassination briefly for the last quests I did for the night and I
can’t say that I notice any difference between them just yet.
But then again low level gameplay is not very exciting with so few buttons to press and so few talents to choose from.
One thing Im really missing as outlaw is shadowstep…:cry:


Outlaw is energy starved at first. I find that after level 70 they start to get fast and rather smooth, also Bladeflurry is a monster in dungeons! I am enjoying my OL spec a lot.

Edit: I do not know why my armory sais I am level 38, I have been above level 70 for quite a long time lol


DO NOT play assassination to level, I love the spec to level xb its not pleasant. Granted it can do a ton of damage if played right, but the toolset is needed and you have to be level 90+ for a big damage playthrough. I’d say outlaw, survivable, hard hitting and versatile and not reliant on dots you don’t get to fully utilize.


I made the mistake is using assassination for leveling. Even though I used a token and started at 110 it was a painful and slow experience.

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OP here. Yeah I pretty much came to the conclusion that outlaw is the way to level.

Sub would have been good if it had more damage, soothing darkness is sweet for healing up when running between mobs.

Assassination bleeds and poisons don’t have enough time to do their work.

Outlaw simply has most upfront damage, good control, good mobility. Just the best leveling spec.

However at max level I enjoy assassination way more than outlaw. Blade flurry plus single target rotation spam gets old really fast. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ironically I levelled this toon all the way on assassination spec XD it was a nightmarish experience but it paid off

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Leveling doesn’t matter. Look at it this way, maintain dots - assa is the way to go, just smash keyboard and 4head outlaw is the way to go.

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