Leveling as Ret, when to switch to Holy?

Wanted to play Holy, I’m leveling with friends and picked Ret so we could easily clear stuff, we got to lvl 58 and up to the start of the Night Fae campaign.

Should I switch loot spec to Holy right now so that at 60 I could have full Holy gear or should I do it a bit later?

Wait till 60, just run dungeons and ask politely if anyone needs items with int such as caster mace, shield, trinkets etc.

Alternative, farm honor to get 151 pvp gear which is decent for normal and hc dungeons and when you are level7 renown, you can upgrade it to level 182 gear.

In the meantime with your new 150 pvp gear, healing normal or heroics will be easy, provided you have a decent group.

Have fun.

In Dungeons you can simply set your loot spec to holy at bosses which offer int weapon, schield or trinkets. Same for questing. But some holy stuff can also be obtained by looting treasures, no matter which loot spec you use. Also the AH is an option with cheap 131 ilvl weapons.

But considering that I’m leveling with 2 of my friends, out of which one is in blood dk, shouldn’t I just be able to switch to Holy these last 2 levels in order to get some trinkets and weapon before reaching 60. I’m saying trinkets and weapons since somehow all my leveling gear stats are equally good for all the specs as they provide exact same amount of intellect as they provide strength?

The only ret specific items that I have are rings, trinkets and the weapon, I haven’t checked lately but it was like that during the whole leveling process.

Also, is the covenant storyline doable in Holy spec?

Do as you please, you asked for advice, but it seems you already have your own strategy for gearing.

With regards to questing and the covenant campaign, whilst doable it would be a painfully slow process due to the mediocre damage output of holy paladins.

I leveled with holy spec and I do everything with holy. Haven’t got any problem at all. It was fun and I could learn in normal dungeons.

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