Levelling Dungeon runs - Earn gold

Hi there,

I am new to streaming and to help give my channel a nudge i’m looking for new twitch followers who are also looking to level up and run dungeons from the classic dungeons 15- 60 through to Mythic dungeons. Include beginner runs in M+ for 120’s. As a thank you for following my Twitch account - Spikycrab i’ll pay you 1000 gold per dungeon when grouping in one of my live stream runs.

NOTE: These are not hard core speed runs, but casual runs enjoying the levelling and enjoying the dungeons. as well as allowing players to learn the tactics and play styles without the pressure that often comes with them. Happy for newbies to join :slight_smile:

Send my a message with your battle tag so i know when you are on, as well as add yourself as a follower on Twitch - Spikycrab. Streaming most evenings.

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