LF 3rd DD for Glad Push this season

Hey there,
My friend and myself are searching for a reliable 3rd for a glad-push this season.
Our Comp is Disc (2k xp) + SV-Hunter (glad xp) + you.
While we are open for multi-class, we believe it’s better to focus on one comp to improve for the moment :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t be toxic when losing and open for criticism, have decent knowledge of your class and be willing to play regularly. We want to improve, record games and discuss strategies rather than keep hitting the wall with the head if something doesn’t work out.

Anything viable is welcome.

If this sounds appealing to you, you can drop your battletag and we’ll get back to you :slight_smile:


#red2722 2,1 xp in 3s

can play feral/boomie or ret