LF a medium sized semi casual raiding guild

Hi, im wondering if theres a nice little community on mag that has maybe 15-20 online during peak times? And since im a semi casual player myself, it would be nice if the atmosphere and attitude during raiding where relaxed, but focused and ofcourse room for fun :slight_smile:

I want to be a part of guild where you arent just a another number in the guild.
So if you know any please contact me ingame Tuco#2354 or reply here ofcourse!

Hi mate! Pop me a message on discord at : Blakery#1472
Iā€™m one of the creators of the guild Mawful and were currently rostering up to take on the new end game content and down some heroic raid content too.
We may fair to be a little smaller of a community than you stated but with recruitment ramping up due to us server swapping it will secure your spot and make us feel more of a family unlike some larger guilds can feel like.
Let me know brother, best Christmas wishes to you also

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