LF a not too serious raiding guild

I’m looking to join a guild that raids 2 times a week, pref not on the weekends, and can use a holy priest (my main). My gear is okay, mostly BWL and ZG, some MC items and a blue trinket and ring. I know my class and love a friendly atmosphere to which I can contribute.

I purposely didn’t post on the char because I don’t want to burn any bridges I’m still on (aka the guild I’m with atm) in case I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Reason for wanting to switch: simply put the raiding times are a bit difficult for me, as they raid AQ40 on weekend- afternoons, and I mostly can’t raid then due to IRL obligations. My preferable raiding times would be in the evening from 20-23 server time, during the week. Two raid night would be ideal for me.

Sadly I only seem to be finding guilds that either raid 3-4 times a week and demand 95% attendance or guilds who only raid during the weekends. Hence my call here.

Can provide more info ingame or on discord. Looking forward to your replies.

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