LF a stable third player to push Gladiator

Hi all! We are looking for a DPS to push to gladiator with. Preferably one of the following classes and specs: Mage/Hunter/Warlock/Boomie/Ret/Ele. We play Disc Priest and Assa/Sub rogue and feel we have a lot to offer but are struggling to find a stable partner to grow and climb with. Our highest ratings achieved are 2450cr back in BFA in the 2v2 bracket with each other, 2180cr in 3v3 using the LFG system and recently 2500 and 2400 in the newly introduced Solo Shuffle.

We ideally are looking for a long term third player who we strive to push to gladiator with each season and hopefully in the future potentially even Rank 1. You would need to be likeminded and prepared to break down strategy’s as a team and work on things we can be improving on. We are both from the U.K. and would very much like somebody who is based here too but we are also open to players from other parts of EU who can speak English fluently. We work fulltime Jobs so we would be queueing in the afternoon mostly Sun-Fri from 8:00-10/11:00 GMT

If this sounds like something you would be interested in our contact info is: