LF Active Casual Raiding Guild

Hi, I just got back into WoW after a longer break. I played actively from Mists Of Pandaria to Shadowlands, also played Classic (Vanilla).
My plan for now is to level up my alts to 60 and than get into Dragonflight content and choose my main. Sounds like a plan to prepare for the War Within :slight_smile:
In the next expansion my main focus will be raiding and casual PVP.
Looking for a friendly social guild to do outdoor content, raids, doungeons, pvp all in a chill and fun environment.
My main was always warrior but we will see :slight_smile:
If you are active on Discord and looking for the new members whisper me :slight_smile:

Hi, we are looking for more raiders and social members. We raid only HC difficulty, 2 times a week, 2 hours per raid on Wed and Sun 20:00-22:00. Pretty casual raid wise, on a normal day we can clear HC amirdrassil in one night, and on offdays we do social events and mythic+ runs.
If interested, please add me or join our discord.

Server: EU - Magtheridon

Battle.net - miriql #1531

Discord - miriql

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