LF Active guild

First of all thanks for reading my request of finding a new home.
I’ve returned to the realm where it all started for me about 16 years ago.
After chasing highest progression possible for years i have decided to return to base camp.

I am looking for an active guild around the 19:00-23:00 in-game clock.
Raiddays preferred Tuesday/Thursday but i am willing to have a chat to discuss possible other days. (Can’t commit time after 23:00 due to shifthours)

Played Holy Paladin Vanilla → Legion
Became Resto Shaman late Legion → Now
I am a flexible player that is willing to be hybrid for a guildroster, allthough i would like to stay committed to Shaman but i am available on each of their specs.

I can’t stand Toxicity and Politic chats, if your guild includes these don’t bother reaching out.
I’m easy in terms of what i am looking for, just do not feel like chasing CE any longer.
Willing to raid just heroic, or dabble around in Mythic. Mythic+ is a huge side interest for me.

Prefer to stay Horde, but if the guild fits i am willing to faction change if needed.
I do not want to transfer however, i want to stick to my “where it all started realm”

If your guild is a long lasted one, or a fresh one i do not mind. I am always open for a chat and see if we can be a match. In-game activity is a prio with an active discord as a big plus. Especially in the “hype-time” start of expansion i like to see big amount of numbers online each day.

If you think you got the place to set my heart(stone) at reach out to me:

Discord: Nymoriax#0019

While flying dragons are really fun, coming from classic, the game feels more like a single players game. The seems to be very little social interaction, and while asking nicely a lot of times, I have never got a response to looking for a friendly casual guild.
Seems to be the biggest let-down, because flying really IS fun …

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