LF active/rbg members

Hello player of azeroth!

Ive been promoted to a pvp leader in my guild, cause of my active and fun having in it.
The first thing i wanne do for my guild, is setup a active rbg team and get some events around the pvp aspect in the game. Such has world, arena challenges, and duels.

Information about us; We are from Ragnaros ‘‘horde’’ and the name is Hollands Legion.
Most of us are mature, and looking for serieus progress with alot of funn in between.
The guild is Dutch so if youre from Netherland or Belgium u can join the guild after a few question and get to know each other. For recruitment on the rbg/pvp u dont have to be dutch. We will make a active community around the guild, who plays at least 2 night/evenings a week. All xp, cr or specs are welcome, and after one week from now, we gonna go with the best team i can set up. If we got enough, dont worry we can always make a second team. The more active u are, the more play time u will get in this guild/community.

For now, thanks alot for reading.
If u got any question or u wanne sign, hit me up.
oenomous#0153 (discord) / oenomous#2901 (battlenet)

U still looking for players? (Ranged DPS)
And if yes, how often do u play?