LF AOTC Guild Silvermoon

Me (Dev Evoker) and a friend (Ret Paladin) are looking for a guild to at least get AOTC, we’re experienced but not looking for anything too hardcore.
Looking for a chill mature guild to talk, raid and potentially do some M+ with, 2 raid days tops.
For schedule, 21:00 server time minimum days are flexible.
Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions. :slight_smile:

Heya there, we are currently looking for 2 players for our raid team as we aim for AOTC this season. We have a load of experienced players already and are currently filling final spots.

Feel free to reach out to me via my Battle tag: Justrix#21772 or Discord: Borth#4775 to discuss :slight_smile:

Hey Dakhara,

It sounds like our Chillers raidteam might be what you’re looking for! :slight_smile:
We raid twice a week on thursday and tuesday from 20.00 till 23.00 servertime and the goal of the team is to get at least curve and then go for some mythic bosses afterwards. This team raids for fun and the atmosphere is relaxed. We’ll see were we end up each tier.

M+ is something that’s constantly happening in the guild and we organize a 2 weekly m+ mash up event, all to have a nice time with our fellow guildies.

Feel free to check us out here:

You can always add me on discord if you have any questions or would like to apply:

Kind regards,


Alternatives is a Weekend raiding guild
this is the previous post

I suggest you contact one of our officers on discord it might be exactly what you are looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there are you still searching for a Guild?

Hey, yeah still haven’t found “the one”. :slight_smile:

Hey, we are looking for raiders to get AOTC plan on moving onto mythic too if you are interested don’t hesitate to reach out to my my btag is : Meowphie#2276

Hey Dakhara! Are you still searching for a guild on Silvermoon? If you are, feel free to contact me on Discord (Thyrok#1509). Alternatively, you can find more information in this post: Unleash Your Potential with Shanks on Silvermoon - Join the Adventure!

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