LF Arena partners both 2s and 3s

Hello there, im looking for teammates for both 2s and 3s, that play regularely. Im currently 1850cr and I was 2080cr less than a week ago. Looking for both 3s partners and a 2s partner to climb consistantly with. Very dedicated player and will play whatever is mostly prefered by my partners. (multiclass-duelist) S1 shadowlands. PRIMARELY HORDE on EU tarren mill. But play alliance too if needed.

Hey man, if you are interested in playing with either Ret, mage or DK hmu on Discord Ivar#8221


Hey Duno,

I’ve been up and down this xpac with xp ranging up to 1862 in 2s and only play 3s with friends or for lulz. I’m 2.3k xp from BFA, and multiclass rival(meh) in BFA too.

I currently play a sub rogue and would prefer a mage for 2s, but I’m up for trying 2s and 3s. Let me know if you’re interested.

Vanish :slight_smile:

Couldn’t seem to add you on discord. Can you add me instead?: Thesjizz#6096 :smiley: