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I have recently suffered from altism. Trying to find a race/class combo I enjoy and came to the conclusion that maybe if I create a backstory etc it might help me stay “loyal” to one hero.

Now so far this is what I came up with that I want to play:
Worgen male - something with “stealth” aka rogue or hunter. I want to “hunt” forsaken, solo. I know ganking is frown upon but my most fond memories of old are from ganking with RP elements. Not looking for unfair open world fights but you get the idea :slight_smile:

Looking for ideas on backstory, been so long since I RPed and when I think about it I am not sure why I ever stopped. Not sure how I would view the “curse”. Obviously a patriot.

Another question, if I go warmode will Argent dawn with connected realms offer enough opportunities for world pvp or would I be advised to perhaps roll on a more hordedominating server without RP?

Any help would be welcome. Also looking for cool mogs/ ideas, I love lowfantasy and “factional” mogs, aka guards, sentinels etc.

EDIT: Also looking for advice on which addons etc are commonly used nowadays for RP. I know of old I used some that showed my background story etc to others. Forgot all the name though.

I think you wont get happy on warmode here. Aside from those that have it on for leveling there arent many here and especially for rp its deactivated.

The Addons to use are TRP3 and (at least i would recomend it) Listener. Trp is the one you talked about, where you can see the backstory, First glances etc.
Listener is something that gives you aditional chat screens. It also warns you whenever someone says your name or emotes directly at you and you can just hover over a player and you have a chat window with just the things they said, so really usefull.
There are others but thats more for guild stuff and you would read there if you would ever join one.
For a backstory and a concept there is a great guide (together with some other usefull guides) that you can find here.

I hope this was a help for you and that we see echother in game (even if it may be in battle :wink: )

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Thanks for the reply. Already want and made a worgen rogue now.

A bit worried about the open world pvp stuff but RP seems great.

Any special zones that would be cool to lvl with worgen in? Already did Gilneas.
Also, good zones for lvling and wpvp?

Duskwood is basically mandatory, same for… i think it was ashenvale or stonetalon that has some worgen stuff going on, can’t recall.


I’d recommend speaking to Nightfall Brigade if you’re interested in some excellent worgen rp and development further. Gilneas ruins is quite busy these days.

Feralas, there’s 3 Worgen sentinels who you meet and you do some of the quests with through the zone there, pretty cool story all in all.
Val’sharah is great too, purely for the Bradensbrook Gilnean content.
And iirc there’s a Gilnean village related to the story in Blasted lands too.

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Thanks for the replies guys, def gonna check out Feralas, havent done it since vanilla hehe.

I have actually been having doubt about worgen lately, love everything about them but some of the combat animations feels a bit… off?

Gonna unlock kul tiran and check out their feel before I make up my mind.

Loving the server so far!

You could always roleplay your Kul Tiran as a human from another nationality, like a Gilnean!

Then you get the cool aesthetic and lore from Gilneas but a big and burly human model!

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