LF chill pvp guild and some mythics maybe

Hey, I’m an italian guy 30 years old, my main is a warrior arms, I’m 176 ilvl and just crafted my leg gloves :stuck_out_tongue: I never went past 1200 arena because I never found consistent teammates.

I’m looking for a guild that organizes chill rated battlegrounds and arenas.
I like pvp very much but I think there are many things I should improve about my gameplay to be competitive and it’s hard to find a guild with a balance between people that want to improve and are consistent.

I don’t mind losing and mistakes in arena, I just want to play it and improve little by little while capping conquest points. Like, I was playing with a couple of irl friends in the last BfA season and I think we could’ve reached 1600 at least but then when we lost a couple of matches here and there they got annoyed… not to others, but with themselves because of their own mistakes lol and dropped it, so yeah I’m looking for people that just want to have fun, practice and don’t care at all about losing or mistakes and even if we reach a higher rank and then drop back who cares. No toxicity and no complaining.

I didn’t do many rated bgs because it’s hard to find a group to do them even for fun, but I’d like to try and do them even just for the weekly rewards.

So if anyone knows a guild or a community with like minded people please let me know. :frowning:

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