LF early evening raiding guild

(Gatling) #1
LF early evening raiding guild, as the title says. Preferably not Wednesdays as I'm 100% unavailable on Wednesdays, with Monday and Thursday looking just fine.

Experienced raider with Priest, Paladin, Mage and Lock at level cap.

Late to the expansion so thinking 8.1 more than current content

(Headquarters) #2

Our guild has the main progress day Wednesday,(i know right?) with the other day(s) on Monday or Thursday, depending on attendance.

Raid times are 20-23, server time. If you are interested in friendly and mature players, without the worry of "how much you play", then we are here for you.

All we ask is attendance when you sign up, nothing else.

Stay safe,

(Gatling) #3
Sadly Wednesday is 100% off for the foreseeable future for me.

Thanks all the same!!