LF for a new group

Hello everyone
I am looking for a new group to mainly push keys and play the game in general. I would also like to raid but has not been a priority of mine, except for the random PUG from time to time.
I came back to WoW around a month ago after leaving last year in May mostly due to BFA and other stuff. I’m currently playing with some friends but they have other objectives in the game so we don’t synchronize well. We actually made a M+ team together but worked for like 2 weeks :smile:
90% of my time playing WoW (since ending of Wrath) I played a tank. I could not say that I was top tier, but more than decent :slight_smile: .
Currently my main is a 207 guardian druid but I also have other 60’s - warrior, DK, DH, Warlock, Shaman and I think I have a priest somewhere around as well.
I’m on horde side, Twisting Nether, but if the group is fun, I am willing to backstab the horde and/or Twisting Nether ( hate races that don’t wear shoes)
I am usually available every day from 17:00 server time to 22:00 server time and most of the Saturdays and Sundays (got a job to pay the sub).

So, hit me up if you think Il be a good fit

Cya around


I think I could offer what you are looking for.

Remix - Silvermoon Alliance.

Looking for more dps for 9.1.
We’re a social bunch and do a lot of key during off days.
Active discord, good enviroment, friendly atmosphere.

We raid on Wednesday/Monday 7pm-10pm with an optional alt raid on friday. At the moment we’re doing a full clear on HC nathria on wednesday.

Add me on bnet and lets talk some more: Raski#21503

Hey Ehek,

We’re on Twisting Nether if you want to have a chat. While we do tend to focus one raiding, there are a bunch of people who do M+. Happy to have a chat on Discord if you’d like to know more.