Lf for wow gf

i am 17 years old lf for 16-18years old
message me ingame

No offence this is not a way to get a date it could even be seen as predatory and you need to go out and meet girls outside of the game. A lot of people would assume the worst if they see something like this on here. Delete it and if you’re going to seek someone to date do so through the correct means.

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“No offence” Áranaría, but the fact you think this is not the way, doesn’t mean that Soulfiree should act differently. In fact, this message was clearly not for you.
And the threat that this could be seen as predatory is an awful statement, not supported by facts.

Noted and you’re ignored. Bye-bye :slight_smile:

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Even in Sweden, where the age of consent is 16, LF someone 16+ online is “illegal” :smiley:

Best of luck. Or something

Do you have a girlfriend? You sound like a virgin.

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Ppl still fall for this “So last year” low lvl trolling?
Jesus,I really had a good lol tho…

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