LF Friend of Recruit a Friend!

Hello everyone! My name is Sguint and I play Horde on Argent Dawn server. Which is the best and most active RP realm of EU WoW!

If you plan on commiting yourself to my realm, I can be your RP guide and not only that but I can also give you gold and in-game help/advice for all kinds of purposes; mounts, gear etc.

Some facts about me, I’ve been playing this game since 2007, so my understanding of the game is pretty good, you can ask me any questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability. I’m a no-pressure kind of guy. If we play together and you have to go for a reason you’d rather not say, then that’s totally fine. I’m a huge RP and Lore nerd so I can be your RP and story guide of everything Warcraft has to offer. So you can feel totally safe and secure when you’re around me in every situation. There are no dumb questions only dumb answers! So if you don’t understand something fire away and I’ll help you! :slight_smile:

If you think that I sound like a nice guy and want to play with me click on the link below and follow the steps!

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