Lf friends with social anxiety

Hi. I would like to find a friend to play and chat with. Im in a very good guild, but i havent found a friend i feel i can talk to without getting nervous. I have aspergers, depression and a lot of social anxiety. Raids and dungeons stress me out, so i mostly play by myself and level new characters. I love doing that, but i often feel im missing out a lot when i see guildies playing together. It gets lonely sometimes when i see how fun they are having.

I get very good support from the guild to try new things and join them, but its not the same as having a friend. Someone to chat to while doing a dungeon or something else.
To have someone to share the joy about something funny i see, tell a joke or when to say when things gets too much and stressful, would be nice to have.
I want to have someone as friend i feel i can ask for help when i need it, without getting nervous or feel im bothering that person when i ask.

I would love to have a friend that is just like me, with the same anxiety and stress problems. We could help each other. Do fun things together. Support each other when we need it. To be there for each other. :muscle: :hugs: :smiley:

Im not looking for a new guild. The guild i am in now is the most understanding and respectful guild towards new people and people with anxiety.
I would like to have a friend that plays on the same realm as me (or connected realms). Its not the same having a friend on a different server, it feels so distant. Its better if we play on the same server. It would be even more great if you joined the same guild as i am in. :smiley:



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