LF Guild [H] [Golemagg]


Hey Peeps

My name is Peter, I’m 30 and from England (North West).

I have played WoW since Vanilla (Ele Shaman since Vanilla). I will be rerolling Rogue for ganking and trolling, Warrior for PvE tanking and a Shaman for nostalgia. Leveling all will take time so my focus will be on the order ive stated the classes in.

I will be mainly interested in leveling, dungeons, quests, exploring the whole map (I remember the 12+ hours it took me back in the day to do this on 100% mount), World PvP, End game dungeons. Im not fussed when it comes to raiding.

I will be online for launch and alot for the first few weeks, I would love to be in a guild for this so we can pew pew together.

Thanks for reading.

Battletag - Peter#25305


Hey would love to have you.

https:// discord.gg /hQhX4ge (remove the spaces)

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